This Is What Your Sitting Position Reveals About You


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According to body language experts, you don’t always need to speak up to communicate your thoughts, feelings, and hidden wishes and intentions. In fact, you are already and unconsciously doing so through the use of body language.

And that’s not everything as experts also expose that 70% of what is perceived by others is from nonverbal cues while only 30% is from verbal cues. So, whether it is the way you smile, the way you walk, or very simply the way you sit, it can definitely reveal quite a lot of information about yourself, character and personality.

What’s interesting about this fact is that it can allow you to have an idea about the other person you are interested in without having to carry an investigation over them and scare them away!

For instance, the way they sit can help you know quite a lot, you just have to be able to focus on those little details such as the way they place their legs while sitting!

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