This Is How Eye Contact Can Make Your Life Easier!

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Last Updated on January 26, 2021

When talking about body language and how it can help us maintain good communication, we tend to forget about the most powerful tool we have: our eyes. You’re told to stand straight, cross your legs while sitting, maintain a good posture, and so on. But the message you’re trying to transmit by doing all of this completely falls apart if you forget about maintaining good eye contact. Making eye contact is a form of saying, “I’m here.”. It doesn’t only show that you’re listening to what the other person is saying while interacting with someone, but it also transmits self-confidence. If you’re shy and anti-social, you probably avoid looking people in the eye, but sometimes that’s seen as a flaw, especially in jobs where you have to communicate with other people or at a date where you’re trying to impress someone. There are many situations in our daily lives where we have to use eye contact for our benefit. So let’s talk about what some of those situations are and how to have better eye contact when you see yourself in one of them.

1. You Want To Seem Professional

No matter what job you might have or wish you had, it probably requires good communication skills from their employes. If you think about it, it’s for a good reason. Communication is the most important thing in our daily lives. We use it every day with everyone. For some, communication might be easier than for others. However, when it comes to working, you have to be or at least portray to be a responsible professional person. So how to make better eye contact in work environments? When talking to your boss or colleagues about work, always look them in the eye while keeping your eyes relaxed. Nobody wants to feel like someone is staring at them, but if they’re explaining something to you, then you should show you’re super attentive to whatever they’re saying. A good way to know if you’re doing it right is if they keep looking at you, especially at group meetings. Remember, at school, when the teacher seemed to be talking only to two or three students when the class had 20 kids? This happened because the teacher knew who was listening and who wasn’t. So a good way to know what your eye contact says about you in a conversation is noticing how the other person responds to it.
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