7 Causes of Cheating In Marriage Relationships

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Last Updated on February 14, 2021

Even though infidelity is a huge form of disrespect and can cause many trust issues or even result in a breakup, most people cheat because they feel like they need to. It may sound wrong, and it is, especially in monogamous relationships, but have you ever wondered what causes someone to cheat? After all, why do people cheat on people they love? How is it possible for a husband or a wife to cheat? Isn’t love meant to last forever? We’re here to answer all these questions while giving you some psychological facts about cheating and how to spot a cheater as well. Let’s check out what are the main signs of a cheater.

1. They have a wish or desire for random sexual encounters

At some point, every couple has hidden desires or thinks about having and engaging in sexual activities with others. Most of these couples don’t do anything about it. After all, fantasy is just a fantasy, and it’s common for fantasies to take place in one’s head, even if they’re not with the person you’re with. However, some may feel the impulse to do something about it. So what can you do? If there’s a need or curiosity about being with someone else, why not do it together? The relationship and trust amongst many couples end up growing when they’re on the same page about doing unexpected things, so why not try it? If you don’t feel comfortable at all with this idea, your partner needs to respect your feelings, and if they don’t, then you’re just not meant to be.

2. They sense a lack of sexual intimacy in their relationship

Most people cheat because they’re not getting as physical as they wished in their current relationship. Of course, things should be discussed with your partner instead of running into the arms of another woman or man, but most of the time, people tend to avoid uncomfortable situations, especially people who are older and married. However, sex and intimacy are important aspects of any relationship, no matter how old it is. When one person feels neglected, unsatisfied, and ignored, they might turn to someone else, who makes them feel good in a sexual form.
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