This Is What Your Favorite Clothing Color Can Reveal About You

This Is What Your Favorite Clothing Color Can Reveal About You

Last Updated on October 30, 2020

You may have a closet full of outfits in all colors and shades, but there is one specific color that you prefer, and whenever you wear it, you feel extra confident and good.

Colors speak louder than words, which is something that we might have never realized before, but we would still understand many things about others by the color they choose to dye their hair or put on their lips.

So after reviewing the studies of many psychologists, we have found what your favorite color reveals about your personality. You may also learn new things about your character that you didn’t know before.


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Most people link the white color with anything that is pure, free, and peaceful like angels or clouds. However, when you choose to wear white, be confident that you will be attracting people who love freedom.

You look at life optimistically, which is why it is your first choice when you are heading a new chapter. You like fresh beginnings and you thrive when you almost achieve perfection. However, white is a neutral color that may be worn by many different personality types.

So, click through the pages to find out what your favorite color says about you



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Brown is stable, rational, and strong like the earth, which is how people see you. People who love to wear brown or its shades are always looking for peace. Plus, they rather receive than give.

They respect the elders, and also, they don’t like changes because they love stability. People who wear brown more often give the impression of an intelligent, rational, and very sensuous person.



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The color green is the color of nature, which sustains a good mood within us and our surroundings and that’s exactly how you make other people feel when you wear green. If this is your favorite color then you have a good balance and love freedom.

You are generally social and live in a good neighborhood. Plus, your reputation, social standing, and financial position are the most important things to you. Let’s not forget how caring respectful, sensible, peaceful, and kind you are. Oh! And by the way, you love parties and food, but who doesn’t, right?



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Passion and power! These are the first things people think the second they see you. Red is the color of extroversion, a person with a desire to live life fully, and who is not scared to show their true feelings. However, they are very emotional people who go through many ups and downs.

According to psychologists from the University of Rochester, red stimulates men, which make them more likely to be attracted to women wearing this color. So ladies, if you want to impress someone, go for red because it can’t miss.

To you, life has to be full of joy and happiness. When it is not, you become very disappointed! Plus, you judge people and form opinions quickly, and you don’t hesitate to express them.



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According to psychologists, pink is a soft color that makes you look tender and calm. If you are an adult and love this color, then you are mostly optimistic, self-righteous, and romantic. Plus, you really appreciate kindness and comfort more than anything.

There are two people who love this color; those who have led a very sheltered life, and those who are seeking their childhood innocence.

PS: I feel like I should explain one thing: pink is a beautiful color that is known to be just for girls. Meanwhile, men are not supposed to wear it or even come near it because their manhood may get hurt.

But honestly, pink is actually very suitable for both males and females, and it is odd to be categorized according to gender.



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The color blue is perfect for interviews because it gives the impression of confidence and reliability.

According to a study held by the University of British Columbia, the dark shades of blue have a calming effect on other people because they associate it with trust, efficiency, and intelligence.

So if you pick the blue color, then you are kind and sympathetic. Psychologists say you will be a great worker and a wonderful parent!



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You are an extrovert fun person who is very cheerful, friendly, and creative. That’s how people see you, and they are not wrong! You are able to create a fun atmosphere anywhere you go.

You are also energetic, optimistic, and you hate routine. You are not a big fan of the idea of getting married, so you tend to keep things friendly around people you like.

Also, you are a natural born politician, and we are hoping to see you becoming the next Mr./Mrs./Ms president because, as psychologists say, you are very likable and smart.



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Purple used to be the color that represents the royalty and higher society, which means that you give people the impression of sophistication and luxury. But did you know that you and Cleopatra have the same taste? Because she used to admire this color a lot.

In our era, however, purple represents the love of art and creativity. According to psychologists, you are a sensitive person who is dreamy and passionate, even dealing with you can be both easy and difficult.

People don’t know what to expect when they are around you because you are unpredictable, which is a good thing!



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Spring, sun, laughter, and joy are what this color represents, and according to experts, yellow is able to increase the production of the hormone of happiness in our brain, speed up our metabolism, and lift our mood up. It can also increase our concentration level, which is why we often see them at the road signs and advertising sites.

Psychologists say that people who wear yellow are active, dreamers, adventurous, and creative.
You are always ready to explore the world and conquer life.




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Black is known to be loved by many people, and according to experts, it is an indicator of power, seriousness, and intelligence. That is why many graduation mantles are black in many international universities.

If you love to wear this color, then you are emotional (you don’t like to show them, though), ambitious, and have a meaningful purpose in your life. Plus, you care about the internal qualities of a person more than appearance, which is why you choose this color since it can easily switch the attention of people to your inner self rather than your appearance.

Feel free to leave comments down below on what is your favorite clothing color.

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