5 signs your partner is marriage material

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Last Updated on February 17, 2021

If you spent your teenage years collecting love frustrations, believe me: you are not the ugly duckling in history. Maybe it’s more like a rubber cat. Jokes aside, despite running after a prince charming, you ended up with someone you didn’t imagine. Think on the bright side: you learned early that real-life relationships are different from fairy tales. This lesson is valuable and will serve you throughout your life. Perhaps, instead of asking how do you know you found the one and mold yourself to it, you can focus on being good with yourself and thus attracting those who really like you. After all, one of the main signs a marriage will last is a relationship based on mutual sincerity. And what others?

1. Taking responsibility is not a problem

Don’t take all the interpretations of what a marriage was like from romantic comedy movies and series. Entering this agreement involves assuming as a couple that it was not in the script. A wedding is about that too. If during your courtship it was never a problem for him to take responsibility, then you already have an answer to the question about how to know if he’s marriage material.

2. You learn from each other

A “marriage material” is a person as willing as you are to work for the relationship to continue. It is when both are committed to a common goal. Learning from others does not just mean that they know more than you do about a topic, but above all that you are willing to learn, and they are willing to teach, and vice versa. Learning is about that: when you are both open to learning together. A healthy relationship is an exchange, not a one-sided relationship. Therefore, learning only happens if the two are willing.

3. Financial stability has been a reality for some time

Don’t confuse being rich with being financially stable. The latter situation involves a different way of dealing with money. Stability requires balance, organization, and planning, for example, to ensure that expenses are aligned with revenues and that these are higher. These are qualities that can be seen in a good marriage on the subject of money but that are likely to be demonstrated for other circumstances.
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