10 Surefire Signs You’re An Old Soul!

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Last Updated on February 12, 2021

Do you think of yourself as someone wise beyond their years? Or perhaps you feel like you can envision a lot more when compared to other people your age? These can be some of the signs you have an old soul! But what is an old soul? People with an old soul tend to emanate a peculiar type of enlightenment and warmth, and they usually have the true gift of patience. They walk through this earth as if they have lived here before and collected wisdom from their previous lives. Maybe you are an old soul, or maybe you know someone who fits the description. But how to know if you’re an old soul? Here are ten signs that might help you know!

1. They create their path

Old souls don’t usually share common interests with people their age, so they have a hard time bonding with other people. Instead, they tend to seek their own path, even if that leads them to feel alone or lonely sometimes. But old souls know how to be alone, and they actually learn to appreciate their own company. Their typical introverted nature tends to manifest very often, as they are the type of people who would rather be alone than spending time with people with whom they have nothing in common.

2. They are intellectuals by nature

For example, people who have an old soul are frequently enthusiastic about intellectual topics like philosophy or literature. They value knowledge above anything else, and any superficial or frivolous lifestyles don’t seem to impact their lives. For an old soul, happiness comes from enlightenment – they are truth seekers, thirsty for knowledge.

3. They connect through spirituality

Spiritual reflection is one of the core characteristics of people who feel like they have an old soul. They are usually more prone to self-awareness than other people in their age group, and they develop heightened senses in both the spiritual and the emotional departments. This drives them through a path that allows them to realize earlier in life what their place in the world is, putting them on the right track for their real pursuits.
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