7 fun things to do online When You Feel Creative!

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Last Updated on December 19, 2020

© pixabay Nowadays, we often ask ourselves: “How did our parents and grandparents manage to live without the internet?” And we have a hard time accepting the answers they give us because we use the internet for everything: reading, watching movies, playing computer games, shopping, listening to music, and more. And that’s fantastic, isn’t it? The internet is an extraordinary resource that we must resort to because we always find what to do there – even when we feel more creative. In this sense, we have prepared a list with the 7 funniest and most surprising things to do online in order to stimulate your creativity further.

1. Create Your Own Blog on the Internet

When you feel more creative, there is nothing better than recording that moment and sharing that creativity with others. And this is possible when you create a blog as a way to conquer your online space. Basically, you can write about anything you want, you can write fun articles, sports articles, DIY articles, political articles, or anything else you find interesting that people can read online. There are currently writing apps that can help you with any writing project you have at hand, such as Grammarly, Google Docs, or Evernote. As well as there are extraordinary blogging apps like Medium and WordPress.com, among others. All of these tools will help you become a more complete writer, which will make your blog a success online.

2. Discover New Music? Use Spotify, Soundcloud or YouTube

How to discover new music? It is very easy, and you don’t have to spend hours listening to the radio waiting for the release of that single by your favorite band or singer, as it did about 30 years ago. Just access the internet, explore the various music streaming platforms, and discover new music genres. Who hasn’t surrendered to Spotify, Soundcloud, or even YouTube to listen to their favorite songs? Or rather, who hasn’t discovered new music thanks to the music apps on these music streaming platforms? We believe that few people have not yet done so, as download Spotify for the smartphone is practically a given for all music lovers. On Spotify, you can search for individual artists, bands, genres, and sub-genres of music and discover similar tracks or groups of music according to your tastes and searches. Soundcloud allows you to explore an endless list of talented musicians and playlists. And YouTube lets you listen to and view video clips of the bands and artists you like best.
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