7 Sure Signs You’re Ready To Move In together?

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Last Updated on January 28, 2021

If your romantic relationship has been thriving for a while, maybe it has occurred to you that the next logical step would be to share a home with the person you love. But moving in together can be a huge step even if you have been in a long-lasting relationship with someone you feel might be your soulmate. This type of decision must be carefully considered – after all, you are changing your life completely and committing to share your space, routine, and life in general. That being said, moving in with your significant other just because it’s the next logical step is not a good enough reason. Then, what are the signs you’re ready to move in together? Here are seven signs that might point out you are ready to make this change!

1. You are aware of each other’s habits

As an individual, you develop certain habits and routines that extend into managing your personal space. Sharing your home with someone who doesn’t understand your habits can be nerve-wracking. Imagine living with someone who always leaves the lights on, or who doesn’t take their shoes off before coming into the house when those are basic household rules for you. Annoying, right? If you want to share a space with your partner, you should know each other’s habits. Then, ask yourself a few questions: are your habits compatible? If they are not, do you think you will both be able to compromise? Before rushing into things, test the waters. Go on weeklong vacations with each other, spend some time in each other’s house, and see how things work.

2. You openly talk about money

Sharing your life with someone often means sharing your bank account and your bills. To build a successful relationship and focus on your potential future together, you need to talk about money and be honest with each other. This is not a conversation that you should have after moving in together. You should be mutually aware of your financial situation before even thinking of building a life with each other. If you and your partner can talk about money healthily and sincerely, this is one of the signs you’re ready to live together.
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