7 Signs Someone Genuinely Likes You

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Last Updated on February 19, 2021

How many times do you enjoy that someone liked you but got frustrated when you found out that wasn’t the case? In fact, it is very common to be mistaken about how someone else feels about us. Either for more, when we feel extremely desired, and deep down, he is not even paying attention, or for less, in the case where he does not even perceive himself as several images showing affection on the part of another. Exaggerated or insufficient perception is proof that the signals you took as a basis were not the most assertive. Okay, let’s be fair. Sometimes the responsibility is not exclusively yours, but also the lack of objectivity of someone expressing their feelings. It would be easier if everyone explained clearly how they feel, right? It turns out that rationalizing emotions is not so easy. That is why it is so difficult for many people to make decisions about their feelings. And now, how do you know someone likes you? Don’t worry. There are some signs someone likes you that are possible to notice even if that person doesn’t fully know it yet. Check out the top seven, and be wise!

1. Being close to you is a pleasure for him

One of the main signs a guy genuinely likes you is the desire to be close, if only for a few minutes. This is a sensation that everyone seeks. Think of everything that gives you pleasure, in every way: you want it more and more. But when it happens more often than once a day, you become addicted, and you will feel like it is a stick. So, be careful to know how to analyze case by case. The main signs that he enjoys being with you are the constant expression of smiles, the enthusiasm in body language, and the attention with which he listens to you.

2. What you think and feel matters

This is a very important sign because it distinguishes narcissism disguised as attention from the true interest in the human being that you are. In fact, one of the psychological signs someone likes you is genuine respect for your subjectivity. The real personality does not show itself right away, so he will likely start conversations on various topics to get to know her. That is, far beyond his physical appearance, he appreciates his inner world. That is your thoughts and your emotions. Therefore, a natural consequence of this interest is his effort to guarantee his well-being. It is not just about buying objects or pampering yourself with futility, but above all, simple attitudes that show care and concern.
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