Wants To Know What’s In Your Crush’s Mind? Here Are 10 Ways That Will Help You!


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You can ask ten people in the street about which superpower they would love to obtain, and 8 out of 10 would say: Reading people’s mind. Now you might say that being a mind reader is something impossible to have, but are you sure?

Dr. Albert Mehrabian is the author of Silent Messages, and he explained that 55% of unsaid words can be seen through facial expressions, posture, and gestures. Yes, ladies and gents, we can actually read other’s mind by watching and understanding their body language.

If you earned this ability, everyone would be transparent in front of your eyes. Who is the person we want to read their mind the most? Our crushes, of course!

That’s why we have combined enough information by speaking to many body language experts and we learned how to understand what they don’t want to utter. Seriously, it is a superpower, and from now on, you will never be fooled or manipulated again!

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