10 Warning Signs Your Partner Is Still in Love With Their Ex!

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Last Updated on December 8, 2020

Dating as an adult isn’t as easy as dating as a teenager – you have to get used to the idea that the people you meet after a certain age already carry relationship baggage, which is perfectly fine. After all, adult people are entitled to have had a life before they met you, right? The cause for concern here is that you might be trying to build a long-term relationship with someone who still has feelings for their ex. Commitment in a relationship is vital, but how can someone commit to their new partner if they still have lingering feelings for their ex? If this is the case in your relationship, it means that your partner is not ready to be with someone new, and to preserve your mental health and your feelings it is better that you put an end to it – after all, it can be tough to love someone who sees you as a rebound partner. The following, are the ten signs your partner isn’t over their ex!

1. They keep pictures of their ex on display

If your partner was in a long-lasting relationship before they met you, it’s pretty normal that they will have a lot of memories from their ex, and those memories can be pictures. Their previous partner may have had a strong impact on their lives and on who they are as a person, and overall, it’s okay if they want to preserve those memories. But, if your partner is overly attached to that, it may become a problem for your relationship. Engage in some healthy communication and let your partner know how you feel about those pictures. If they refuse to take them down, maybe it’s time to put an end to the relationship.

2. They want to do the same things they did with their ex

If your partner still feels any emotional connection to their ex, they will likely want to revisit the places that remind them of their previous relationship. Perhaps they used to eat out at a certain restaurant or go for walks in a specific garden, and now your partner insists on doing the same things with you. If this is the case, the best way to get over it is to talk things through. In a way, your partner might be trying to create new memories to erase the old ones, and if that’s the case, you can find a way to work things through.
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