This Is How You Can Make Someone Fall In Love With You, According To Science


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Throughout the years, the human race has discovered that they all have one common wish, and it is to love and be loved back. But one other thing we have all learned the hard way is the fact that we have no control over love… But, do we?

Lately, scientists have been doing their researches and conducting studies to see if we can make people fall in love with us, and it turned out that we can.

Yes, it is hard to believe, but hear me out: we can’t just go to a person and do some Abra Cadabra BS on them and expect them to be ours forever. We just need to be a little smart and very patient while doing a few psychological tricks that will make them realize they can be with us.

After years of believing that love is “fate”, it is hard now to trust and understand that love is nothing but a collaboration of chemical, biological, and psychological mechanisms.

In other words, by finding the right approach, you will eventually get to your purpose and make the person you like fall for you. But first, make sure the person has, at least, minimal feelings for you.

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