Top 5 Clear Signs He’s Not That Into You!

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Last Updated on December 18, 2020

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Being in a relationship is hard. Dating in the modern world is even harder.

Most people nowadays only care about themselves and their satisfaction. So, when it comes to dating or starting a new relationship, you either find the one, or it’s probably not going to last.
Everyone nowadays seems to be obsessed with short encounters instead of long-lasting relationships, which is sad for the ones out there looking for true love.

Temporary relationships give you temporary happiness, but at the end of the day, you don’t feel very complete, and happiness never lasts.

But because of this new dating style, some people might act a certain way, and it leaves you doubting their feelings.

It’s always best to know than ignoring the fact that you might be getting played, so here are some signs your date isn’t very interested in you.

1. They Don’t Want To Commit

Commitment issues, who doesn’t have those nowadays?

While some people might have an actual reason to push other people away like holding on to negative emotions from previous relationships, others don’t want to commit, simply because we live in a world where everyone wants to hook up with everyone.

Even though our parents got married in their 20’s, nowadays most people in their 20’s and even 30’s just want to live and enjoy the #single life.

Maybe these people haven’t found the one yet, or perhaps they did, and wish they met them ten years later so that they can have fun for a little longer.

If you’re in a similar situation, where you want to be with someone, but the other person seems to want to avoid any commitment or “labels,” the best is to step away. If it’s meant to be, the other person will end up missing you and reach out to you. However, you shouldn’t suffer while waiting for it.

This can also happen in a long term relationship. You might be with your partner for years, and when the time comes for tying the knot, they’re nowhere to be seen. How could this happen? How can you be with someone for 3 or 5 years and in the end they don’t want to marry you?

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