Wants To Know What’s In Your Crush’s Mind? Here Are 10 Ways That Will Help You!



1A raise of the eyebrows

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There are many different kinds of eyebrow-raising, says Patti wood who is a body language expert. Each type of movement holds a different meaning.

The most interesting one is when your crush raise up his both eyebrows along with a smile. We often do this movement when seeing the people we love. Also, when you notice a brief raising then they might be saying that they like what they see and they would like more of it.

So maybe from now on, you would raise both of your eyebrows a lot more in order to make people loved and welcomed, especially the person you like.


2A nervous fidget

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Being around someone you like would definitely cause your heart to beat rapidly. That, plus you would be nervous with sweaty hands and an incapability to stay still for a long while.

Everyone would love to have a little control over their emotions, but since not all of us are skilled when it comes to that, we end up being nervous, shaky, and excited. So while on the first date or about to meet your crush, notice how they would be acting.

If they seem nervous and weird, then that’s a good sign. If you are the one shaking and getting nervous around them, then keep in mind they would notice and maybe think you are just uncomfortable with the discussion that’s happening.




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