How to know If You’re in A Fake Relationship

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Last Updated on January 29, 2021

There are toxic relationships or unhealthy relationships, and then there are fake relationships. The last one is toxic and unhealthy, but the person who is being manipulated into thinking they are experiencing something real can’t see the truth. This person will often feel sad, unappreciated, and overall exhausted. But because their self-esteem is pretty low, and they feel insecure without this relationship, they will end up settling. It can be difficult to pinpoint the signs of a fake relationship, especially when you are head over heels in love with someone. You can notice that things are off, but you will ask yourself why someone pretends to love you and try to come up with answers that excuse their poor behavior. But how does a fake relationship come to be? Every relationship is different, but the way a fake relationship unfolds tends to follow a certain behavioral pattern. It usually begins with a well-intended person who falls in love with someone who seems to love them back. However, as time goes by, this person starts to reveal their true character and stops reciprocating their partner’s feelings and overall effort. Sadly, the well-intended person will be too invested at this point, and they will do whatever they can to make the relationship work. As a result, their partner might pick up on their vulnerability and use this leverage to take advantage of them. Certain levels of manipulation and gaslighting can be so intense that the person’s judgment becomes cloudy. This is what keeps them from acknowledging the true nature of this relationship and trying to get out of it. If this is a reality for you, don’t feel bad. It can happen to anyone. We will try to do with this article to teach you how to identify true love and fake love and look for signs of a shallow relationship—knowing how these dynamics work can help you identify these problems within your relationship and facilitate your decision to end it and leave.

1. You feel the emotional distance between you

One of the biggest red flags in a relationship is emotional distance. Being with someone you love is about much more than physical attraction. This person is supposed to be your best friend and your biggest confidant. So, communication between you two should be quite healthy. However, people who fake their feelings tend to be quite non-communicative. They will not show any interest in knowing about your day or in letting you know about theirs, for example. If you are away from each other, you will be the one making an effort to stay in touch. This lack of general interest in being present in your life should be enough to make you question everything.
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