Top Irresistible Qualities Strong Ladies Should Have


3Having a healthy relationship with her physique


What is the definition of standard beauty? NOTHING. Know why? The truth is that there is no such thing as standard beauty. If you have read any nonsense about this then it must be put by a person who deals with women as goods and not as humans.

You are beautiful your own way; you don’t have to be skinny like Nicole Kidman, have ginger hair like Amy Adams or puffy lips like Angelina Jolie. Treat your body with love and respect.

You need to maintain a relationship with your body, but not any relationship; a healthy one preferably. Once you reach this level, you will seek ways to please and take care of your body.

Don’t make up any excuses to neglect your health because nobody else will care for real but you. Follow a balanced diet, go to the gym and sleep well; live and love yourself.

4Not letting her age control her life


How many times did you hear someone saying that age is just a number? You must have heard it quite few times, right? Many old people have the spirit of youth, with an energetic soul and a desire to rock the world.

There is always a chance of finding happiness again and living a pleasing life no matter how old you are. Live every moment because you are leaving someday anyway, so make every bit of your life memorable and worthwhile.

Don’t let your age decide what you should be doing or how you should be treated. If you think youthfully, you will live the remaining days youthfully. It is a question of mindset and attitude; if you believe that your age is nothing but a number, no one is going to convince you otherwise.



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