Top 6 Signs You’re A Boring Person


Last Updated on January 7, 2021

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How to know if you’re boring? Nobody wants to hear they’re boring. It’s very though being characterized in such a way, but it can happen to some of us.

Sometimes it has to do with the mood we’re in, maybe we’re not feeling too friendly, and that’s ok.

However, a lot of people enjoy living a predictable, planned, monotonous life. They don’t like leaving their comfort zone for anything or anyone, which can lead to weaker social skills, in the long run, impacting your social life, current friends, and future connections.

If you’re not sure if you’re living a boring life or being a boring person, we have a list of certain behaviors you might have and some tips on how to be less boring.

1. You spend a lot of time on your phone

This one might seem surprising at first; after all, we use our phones to connect and contact people, but phones can also be a way of isolating ourselves from the real world.

It’s fine if you check your phone from time to time when you’re with your friends, but if you’re constantly on it, then maybe it’s a sign something is up.

You might think they’re having boring conversations that you don’t want to be apart of, or you don’t possess the same sense of humor as them, or maybe, you don’t feel like hanging out.
There might be a lot of reasons, but if this happens often, then perhaps you’re either with the wrong friends or, you’re the problem.

However, sometimes, you don’t need to be boring yourself to live a boring life. Being constantly on your phone is one of the principal signs your life is boring, people usually use their phones to distract themselves from being bored, but this can be a choice or an obligation.

If your parents are forbidding you from going out, you go to your phone for distraction. But if you chose to stay on your phone than going out with friends, then that’s on you!

2. You always want to stay in your home

There’s nothing wrong with staying home from time to time.

A comfy couch, Netflix, food, and a blanket always sound tempting. But you shouldn’t rely on that lifestyle forever, especially if you’re constantly making up excuses for not going out with your friends every time they invite you, and you stay in bed watching movies! And then you act surprised when they don’t ask you anymore!

You might not enjoy going out to drink, but what about going to dinner or go out in the afternoon to eat some ice cream? Suggest some creative activities of your taste to your group of friends from time to time, if they genuinely like you, they won’t say no if that means they’ll get to see you!

There are so many fun activities out there that you might be missing because you’re choosing to be a couch potato. Save the lazy days for the weekdays and go out on the weekends!

3. You daydream a lot

We all daydream from time to time, it’s healthy to wander off to fantasy island sometimes and let our imagination flow, but you should always be in touch with reality.

Some of us tend to enjoy escaping from real life too much to the point where we don’t want to experience real-life anymore.

After all, when we daydream, there’s no problems or negative emotions like there is in real life, and that’s why we prefer it.

So how to have fun and feel happy in real life? Try to occupy your “real-time” with some activities you enjoy doing, that make you happy.

Whether it’s doing art like drawing or photography, dancing, playing guitar, doing a sport, whatever it is, as long as it involves you being in touch with the real physical world.

4. You don’t want to try new things

Whatever you’re most comfortable with is what you pick or go for.

From doing the same social activities to ordering the same food, you hate the idea of going somewhere new and taking advice from anyone else but you.

If a friend suggests you go to an Indian restaurant, you immediately refuse because you “don’t like Indian food,” but in reality, you didn’t even try it!

If your boyfriend wants to go to a different beach than the one you’re used to go to, then you start making up excuses not to go.

There are so many things that make you have a boring personality, and not trying new things is the first thing on that list!

If you truly want to know how to become a fun person, starting to let go is the first step.

5. People canceling plans is music to your ears

Do you usually feel excited about meeting your friends and then get annoyed and sad when someone cancels?

If you answered no, then you already know what’s coming.

We all have experienced similar situations, and the truth is, sometimes, it really feels good when plans get canceled, but only occasionally!

Socializing with your friends and meeting new people is a great way to avoid having a weak personality because you’ll be developing a lot of conversation skills and learning new things! Things that you won’t learn by sharing memes and scrolling through TikTok all day.

6. Eye contact is a big no for you

You hate having people looking into your eyes because you feel like they know all of your secrets, those secrets being the guilty-pleasure shows that you watch on Netflix and your ability to not shower for a whole week while watching them.

All jokes aside, lack of eye contact is known to be a characteristic of people who are either shy, anti-social, or boring.

Looking someone in the eye is a great way to show empowerment and confidence.

Even if you’re the most boring person alive, when you make eye contact, you’re transmitting the exact opposite feeling. You’re proving you’re not scared of having conversations, listening, or talking, you sometimes prefer not to.

Please keep in mind there are many definitions of a boring person, which means you might be boring in the eyes of someone and the opposite for someone else.

In most cases, boredom comes from self-confidence issues, and in that case, you should focus on finding a crew who you identify with so you don’t feel marginalized all the time.

But remember that even with the perfect friends, it’s possible to be put aside, expect you’re the one doing that to yourself.

So, how to stop getting bored? Do what you love, be creative, find new hobbies, even new friends if you have to, and don’t forget to always have fun in what you’re doing!


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