6 Surprising Secrets That Men Never Tell You



3Men have nonsensical thoughts from time to time

Men have nonsensical thoughts from time to time

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Let’s admit it! Guys spend most of their time thinking about how to provide for their families and make them comfortable and happy. The mortgage, the kid’s school fees, the living expenses, and the list is way too long ! what a heavy and stressful responsibility, isn’t it?

However, what you might not know is that sometimes men do think about stupid and nonsensical things that might never cross your mind. This is quite funny but there is actually a very interesting fact behind all this!

Actually, the nonsensical thoughts are found to be a great medicine for the soul as it rests the mind and also reduces stress.

4Not Just You, They Have Fears Too!

Not Just You, They Have Fears Too!

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Unfortunately, men are seen as those fearless creatures made of steel that are born to do anything and everything without worries. The truth is that this is completely not true! In fact, the modern society has created this hero image and engraved it in people’s mind, and more precisely in women’s’ head!

So, please it’s time to stop blindly following the cattle and realize that men are human beings with strengths and weaknesses. It’s true that they risk their lives serving furiously in fearful combat, fighting huge fires, and performing extremely dangerous stunts, but they aren’t fearless! So, yes they fear the future, they doubt about the decisions they make and have insecurities too.

Don’t wait for your man to tell you about all this because certainly he wouldn’t, but you can understand and accept the fact that there is nothing unusual if your man too has fears! free yourself from all the nonsensical stereotypes!






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