9 Reasons Why You Can’t Stop Thinking About Him

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Last Updated on January 16, 2021

There are many reasons as to why someone is stuck in your mind 24/7. This usually happens to someone who has recently ended a relationship. Your ex’s ghost probably will show up even more if you didn’t get it right or the breakup was too traumatic for you. So, if you’ve been struggling with relationship problems and wondering why you’re still thinking about this person, stop, breathe, and reflect. Then keep reading to find your answers as well as how to move on from someone you love.

1. You Still Love This Person

It’s normal that a relationship breakup doesn’t end the feelings for them immediately. After all, you’ve loved this person for a while. So a breakup won’t completely dissolve all the feelings. Only time will. That is, you, unfortunately, do not have complete control over the situation. You shouldn’t, however, continue to think about them as you did in the past. Why? Because circumstances have changed, and they’re no longer your partner. So how to forget someone you can’t have? The best option would be to focus on something you love, like a hobby, your friends, or a new project you’ve always wanted to start. Distracting your mind and finding new passions will be helpful to overcome your pains.

2. They Are Everything You’ve Always Wanted

They might appear to be everything you’ve wished for in a partner. However, the reality is that they don’t have the most important thing, which is reciprocating your love for them. A relationship requires balance, which means feelings should be mutual, or at least not so uneven. This person may be charming, adventurous, and amazing, but if they don’t feel love for you, there’s no reason to even think about them. Put yourself and your self-esteem first. To stop having relationship problems, you should start by being healthier with yourself.

3. They Make You Feel Like The Person You Want To Be.

You may think about how much better you were with this person, how they brought the happy and bubbly side of you, and how you became a better version of yourself when you were with them. This can be true, but if they’re no longer in your life, it’s for a valid reason. And you should never have to depend on another human being to be the better version of yourself. Self-discovery and personal growth come from within, which means you don’t need anyone to transform you. You should and can do it yourself! In honor of this story, take the positive sides of this experience as a learning experience for your personal life. With that, you can even reconsider and update your relationship goals. After all, a relationship is not just an exchange with another person, but also with you.
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