10 Effective Ways To Calm Your Nerves


1Chew gum

Chew gum©Today I Found Out

Some people consider it a workout to the mouth, but experts know that it is one of the greatest ways to lower your stress. So carrying a pack of gum with you is actually a good and healthy way to keep your focus at work and your mental health stable.

If you have been experiencing hectic days at the office, school or anywhere, then just keep your mouth working with your favorite flavor of gum.

2Make repetitive motions

Make repetitive motions©Naztazia

It may sound boring or doesn’t even make sense, but repetitive motions are great stress management activities because they don’t require too much-sustained attention. For example, doodling, coloring, and knitting are the perfect ways to lower stress.

Next time you are stressed, just find an activity you enjoy that requires repetitive actions in order to take control of your brain and its entire stress hormones dilemma.




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