9 Small Changes You Can Make To Improve Your Marriage

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Last Updated on February 9, 2021

A successful relationship doesn’t always mean a successful marriage. Marriage can bring out new problems that you never had before with your partner. It truly tests the relationship, and that’s why there are so many divorces nowadays. Whether you’re recently married or have been married for more than ten years or less, if this article caught your attention, it means that you are experiencing some marriage problems. Know that this is completely normal, and it for sure doesn’t mean you are falling out of love. However, there are certain changes you can make to create a happy and healthy relationship with your partner after tying the knot. So without any further ado, let’s hop right into it!

1. Focus on the positive side of your relationship

It’s usual for most of us to point flaws and lean towards negative emotions rather than positive ones. This normally happens because we feel the need to protect ourselves from a heartbreak, rejection, or just getting hurt in general, so we always assume the worst. Having this type of negative energy is very bad for any relationship, whether it is the relationship with a friend, family member, or, in this case, your loved one. But how can you possibly have a happy marriage if you’re filled with negative feelings? We advise you to make an effort and try to see the positive side in every situation, problem, in your partner, but also yourself. Let’s say your partner disorganization has been stressing you out lately, why don’t you also think about how great he is at making you laugh? Our advice: Try to keep a positive notebook where you write about what you love and appreciate about your partner and your life. It will help you remember those things and focusing on them over time.

2. Social media can impact your relationship

Nowadays, social media is everywhere, and it’s easy to spend 5 hours scrolling down your phone without even realizing it. Whether your partner is also doing the same thing or not, it is still an act that affects and wastes valuable time you could be spending together. Besides this, social media is one of the main reasons for relationship arguments; people tend to assume that the other person is cheating, talking to other people, or simply prefer to be on their phone than with them. Save the phone time for whenever you’re alone and track down the time you spend on it. You can also check on your device how many hours you’re spending on each app; this could give you an insight into the time you’re wasting doing nothing.
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