8 Weirdest Love Traditions Around The World

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Last Updated on February 16, 2021

Even though we have normalized Valentine’s Day, there is nothing normal about it if you really think about it. So, we are using a martyred saint as an excuse to celebrate love, and we represent this love using a baby angel that flies around in a diaper, shooting people with arrows to put them in the mood for love. Now that we sat it like that, it’s weird, right? While this western tradition is familiar to us, have you ever thought about how love is expressed worldwide? Because some traditions are even more bizarre! Let’s find out about eight crazy ways to show love around the globe, shall we?

1. St. Dwynwen’s Day, Wales

Flowers, chocolates, jewelry – these are some of the most common gifts exchanged on Valentine’s day. But what if we told you that some people gift their partners a spoon as a token of their appreciation for St. Dwynwen’s Day? That’s right, on January 25, the Welsh celebrate this special occasion by offering their soulmate a carefully carved spoon. The symbols engraved on this unique utensil hold a very special meaning, so getting this weird gift is pretty eloquent. Who would have thought?

2. Obligation Chocolates, Japan

Japanese people have a very cute way of expressing affection or lack thereof. In Japan, people offer candy to let someone know they don’t love them back. A chocolate company came up with this idea, and it has become a tradition ever since. Typically, women give “obligation chocolates” to the men in their lives with whom they do not intend to pursue a romantic relationship. However, some lucky guy might get “prospective-winner chocolates,” which means that while the woman is not deeply in love with them, he still has more chances than the others.

3. White Day, Japan

Women are not the only ones spending a lot of money on chocolate. A month after Obligation Chocolates, people in Japan celebrate White Day. This holiday takes place on March 14, and men gift their female partners with white presents. While this campaign was an idea of the National Confectionery Industry Association to offload white chocolates and marshmallows, other non-edible presents are also acceptable, such as lingerie or jewelry.
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