6 Signs Someone Is Actually Thinking About You!


Last Updated on May 10, 2020

Let’s say you keep feeling drawn or keep finding yourself dealing with a certain someone that you never saw that way, but because somehow “life” tends to put that person right in front of you many times, you start to think… “maybe he can be good for me.”

And yes, life can bring two people together, but is it just life putting random people in your life? Or are you taking part in all of this?

We believe it’s your subconscious that is leading you towards the ideal person, not only yours but the other person subconscious as well.

It’s just like you have this telepathic connection, that makes you end up at the same place at the same time.

2. You smile out of nowhere

Having a genuine smile appearing in your face with no reason for it is one of the real signs someone is thinking about you.

Everyone has experienced smiling without wanting to. Here’s a typical situation that has happened to every one of us: you’re just scrolling through your phone and smile at a funny video without even realizing it. Then, your mom asks you what the hell you’re smiling about, and you notice you’ve been smiling this whole time.

When you’re just doing some random activity, and you suddenly smile, that’s your brain telling you something is up! Maybe it’s your subconscious telling you this person is right for you, or perhaps that other person is thinking about you at that exact moment.

You don’t need to be in a relationship with someone for this “connection” to happen.

Let’s say you’re on your first date, and as soon as you’re walking towards each other, you both smile genuinely. And no, you’re not smiling because he’s cute or because you are shy.
It’s a smile that honestly screams “connection alert!”.

3. You’re suffering from constant mood swings

This one might surprise you, but a few of these signs someone is thinking about you can present themselves in a not so happy way. However, that does not mean the other person is having bad thoughts about you. It just means they are thinking about you. What you have to understand is that your brain will send you signals the only way you can understand them.


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