6 Signs Someone Is Actually Thinking About You!

Last Updated on May 10, 2020

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Do you believe in telepathy between people, soulmate signs, and the power of your mind when it comes to finding your other half? If so, then this article may be right up your alley.

If you’re a person who follows their intuition, it probably occurred to you that intuition could be stronger than your mind. This is because we often relate intuition to something that goes into our hearts. After all, it’s emotional, while our minds tend to be rational.

Even though that’s not wrong, intuition is always related to our minds, especially the subconscious part.

We use intuition to act or make decisions, but ultimately, the data is always in our brain.

In a romantic relationship, we tend to act by intuition. We follow our hearts instead of our brain. But the truth is, we always follow our brain, at least, the subconscious part of it.

When it comes to romance or relationships in general, our subconscious tends to have some connection with the other person. This can be proven by people who can finish each other’s sentences, or only the fact that you decided to text each other at the same time.

If you notice a lot of these small but important signs in your relationship, then it means you’re probably connected to that person on a whole other level that you can’t even understand.

So, if you’re wondering if you possess this connection with that special someone, keep reading to find out what are some of the physical signs someone is thinking about you.


1. Your subconscious tends do bring you together

Sometimes our subconscious doesn’t want the same things we think we want.

We reckon this might sound a little bit confusing, but if you think about it, how many times have you persuaded someone wrong for you? How many times have your friends told you that you always go for the bad guys?

What we’re trying to say is that sometimes we don’t know what’s best for us, but deep down, our subconscious does know, and somehow it tries to connect you with someone that can fulfill your real needs.

Let’s say you keep feeling drawn or keep finding yourself dealing with a certain someone that you never saw that way, but because somehow “life” tends to put that person right in front of you many times, you start to think… “maybe he can be good for me.”

And yes, life can bring two people together, but is it just life putting random people in your life? Or are you taking part in all of this?

We believe it’s your subconscious that is leading you towards the ideal person, not only yours but the other person subconscious as well.

It’s just like you have this telepathic connection, that makes you end up at the same place at the same time.

2. You smile out of nowhere

Having a genuine smile appearing in your face with no reason for it is one of the real signs someone is thinking about you.

Everyone has experienced smiling without wanting to. Here’s a typical situation that has happened to every one of us: you’re just scrolling through your phone and smile at a funny video without even realizing it. Then, your mom asks you what the hell you’re smiling about, and you notice you’ve been smiling this whole time.

When you’re just doing some random activity, and you suddenly smile, that’s your brain telling you something is up! Maybe it’s your subconscious telling you this person is right for you, or perhaps that other person is thinking about you at that exact moment.

You don’t need to be in a relationship with someone for this “connection” to happen.

Let’s say you’re on your first date, and as soon as you’re walking towards each other, you both smile genuinely. And no, you’re not smiling because he’s cute or because you are shy.
It’s a smile that honestly screams “connection alert!”.

3. You’re suffering from constant mood swings

This one might surprise you, but a few of these signs someone is thinking about you can present themselves in a not so happy way. However, that does not mean the other person is having bad thoughts about you. It just means they are thinking about you. What you have to understand is that your brain will send you signals the only way you can understand them.

If you’re dancing in the club and having loads of fun with your friends, and you randomly smile, that’s not going to tell you anything, you were already happy, so you interpret that smile as a happy smile that is related to what’s going on at the club.

However, if you’re feeling super happy, and suddenly a feeling of numbness or a wave of depression hits you out of nowhere, then it will make you think about it.

Why this sudden mood change?

If it’s about the other person, you’ll immediately connect it to them. It can also be a warning for you to call your mom because you forgot to. Our brains send us signals through emotional changes, and it’s up to us to dig into our minds and connect it to something or someone.

4. Your mind seems to be tense

Did you know that certain physical symptoms that appear out of nowhere, such as having hiccups or choking on something, can mean someone is probably bad-mouthing you?

It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, we always think to ourselves: “why me? why now?”.

Nobody enjoys choking while drinking water, after all, you’ve been drinking water your entire life, what happened today? Did you glitch and forgot how to swallow properly? The questions are endless, but the answer might be too simple and not very pleasant.

When someone is talking about you in a bad way, it’s like your mind creates tension. Somehow, it feels you’re being mentioned, and it tries to warn you in a very unpleasant way.

The same goes for hiccups. They are uncomfortable and seem never to go away once they start. Do you know what provokes the same feeling? Drama.

Someone is either complaining or lying about you for no reason at all. Super annoying, just like hiccups.

Even though none of these are scientifically proven, they are physical symptoms someone is thinking about you, and unfortunately, not in a good way, so analyze the signs and figure out who is trying to put you down before they succeed.

5. You experience eye twitching

This one might seem a little bit far fetched, but some people believe that having strange eye movements form time to time could mean someone is talking about you.
Not only that, but you can also tell if they’re talking positively or negatively, depending on which eye is twitching!
But hold up! It’s not the same for boys and girls.

Supposedly, if you’re a girl, your right eye twitching means someone is talking about you in a bad way, while the left eye means happy feelings, maybe your lover is thinking about you or your BFF might be thinking about how good your outfit was today at school.

For boys, it’s the exact opposite, left eye bad, right eye good.

However, if you suffer from allergies or have sensitive eyes don’t trigger yourself by having twitching eyes, we assure you it’s probably related to your health conditions, at least, most of the time.

6. Just overall feeling positive energy

We feel positive vibes when we feel support and acceptance, even if not directly onto our faces.

Couples with a strong relationship, for example, can feel if their other half is thinking about them even if miles apart. Some people can feel touch, supposedly of their loved one, either on their arms, back, or a soft touch on the cheek. Isn’t that crazy?

Most people, however, feel a happy and uplifting type of energy.

Imagine you’re walking on the street, it’s cold and raining, and you’re just feeling awful. But then, your mind shifts, and you start looking around, you see other people, and you decide to close your umbrella and feel the rain on your skin.

It’s like your mood completely shifted from negative to positive, with no apparent reason. Well, now you know why this happens. Someone who loves you a lot is sending positive vibes to you without even knowing it, and you’re feeling it without really knowing it as well.

Our subconscious tends to drive us a certain way without us realizing it. You should think about it as a guiding system, and when it comes to romance, your subconscious knows exactly what you need, even though you don’t know it yet.
So whether you’re in a long-distance relationship or not, you’ll be able to feel these signs.

If you’re single, you can also feel these switches that are probably linked to family members who deeply care about you or your closest friends.

Paying attention to these signs is something everyone must do, it will give you a whole different perspective on life, making you more positive towards it.

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