Top 5 Signs Your Relationship Is Causing Your Depression


Last Updated on May 8, 2020


If this article caught your attention, then you might be feeling a little bit down lately. Depression is a serious medical illness that can make the brightest people go dark very quickly.

Some depression symptoms or warning signs of depression can be: feeling lost, lonely, angry, sad, losing interest in the activities you enjoy doing the most, having reckless behaviors, and sometimes even pain in certain body areas like your stomach, back, or head.

There are many causes of depression. In fact, depression is mostly a fight that we have with ourselves. Maybe we’re not happy about how we look or do things, other times, depression can be a result of a toxic relationship that you might have with someone, it could be your mother, friend or even partner.

However, isn’t your partner supposed to love you and support you instead of bringing you down? If that’s not the case, maybe you’re in a horrible relationship with a toxic person that is not good for you or your mental health.

There’s only one way to know it for sure. So, if you feel like you can relate to any of this, keep scrolling and take a look at some of the signs your relationship is making you sick.


1. Your Partner Has A Possessive Behavior

Having a controlling boyfriend or girlfriend might sound fun until you experience being in a relationship with one.

From what you wear to where you go or hang out with, your partner seems always to have an opinion on everything you do. Even though it’s annoying, it’s not something that appears problematic.
The problem starts when your partner begins actually to control you.

They might use physical or emotional abuse to get their way. Maybe they make you change your mind by manipulating you with their words, using emotional blackmail, or even resort to physical violence to prove their point.

If you suffer from emotional abuse in a relationship, it’s very likely that you often feel neglected, stuck, and also afraid, which can lead to depression.


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