How to build a strong relationship while taking things slow

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Last Updated on January 23, 2021

3. Explore each other

Just because you want to take things slowly, that doesn’t mean you can’t still be romantic and intimate with someone else. While respecting your boundaries, you are still able to get to know the other person while doing fun activities. One of the most fun things to do when you first start dating is going on competitive dates, like bowling or amusement parks. These are the best to get to know someone and see if you have a good couple dynamic. If you want to start exploring your intimate side, a picnic date is a great idea. It allows you to talk, lay down by each other, and you can even act like you’re in a romantic movie scene, and feed grapes to each other.

4. Don’t be possessive

Sometimes you might face a dilemma. On one side, you want to respect your boundaries and take things slow, but on the other side, you freak out whenever you see your date talking to another girl. This is inconsistent. Taking things slow means you don’t want to be attached to someone too quickly, but jealousy and controlling behaviors scream the opposite. If you want your partner or romantic interest to respect you, you also have to respect them. Trust is needed in any relationship, you have to trust and be trusted to make it work. Depending on the stages of a relationship, a little bit of jealousy is normal and healthy, as long as you deep down feel safe and respected by the other person.

5. Remember what your relationship goals are

At the end of the day, what is your goal? Is it to learn to love and be loved? Is it to get married? Is it to have a family? Whenever you’re looking for the ideal partner, think about your goal first. If it helps, write it on a board or on a notepad that you carry with you. Sometimes we are attracted to the wrong people, and of course, you won’t meet the right person on the first try, but it helps to ask yourself “Is this person looking for love or not?”, “Can I picture this person adopting”, “Is this person the marrying type?” If you feel comfortable enough, ask these questions to the other person, if they are right for you, they’ll have no problem answering it as long as you don’t make it sound like a police interrogatory! We hope that by the end of this article, you feel more comfortable with your own ideas and wishes. Unfortunately, it’s normal to be easily manipulated by other people, partners, friends, and family. The media itself is full of lies and wrong ideas about what love and dating should be. But being true to yourself is all you need to worry about. The best relationship advice we can give you, especially if you’re looking for long term relationships, is to always be honest about how you feel; otherwise, it won’t work out. Remember, taking it slow is not “outdated”, it’s your love life, and you should live it as you want.
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