Personality Test: What You See First Will Reveal Important Secrets About You


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You can’t admit this… even to yourself!
You don’t need a psychologist to tell you if you are attracted to someone, desiring them, or falling deeply in love with them. Some scientists will tell you that your attractions are a quirk of biochemistry igniting your hormones and making your whole body tremble, and your friends will say that he/she is very attractive with gold hearts, as simple as that.

But, why do we feel weak around men with big muscles? Or women with red lipstick?

No matter how many times science prove to us that love and attraction is nothing but hormones and animal instinct, there is still something special and distinct about the person we are attracting to that makes us suddenly lose our senses and feel complete weakness in our knees.

However, maybe you had a good experience when it comes to dating and you know exactly what’s making you feel weak, or maybe you just opened your eyes to this new exciting life and you are interested to discover what exactly ignites the butterflies in your tummy.

In both cases, welcome! I am here to help you figure out your secret weakness when it comes to love and attraction.
All you have to do is look at the picture and make a mental note of the very first thing you see.




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