Top 5 Most Affectionate Zodiac Signs!

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Last Updated on January 25, 2021

3. Cancer

Just like Pisces, Cancers are also one of the most emotional signs out there. They act and think with their heart, which makes them great passionate lovers. What makes them so loving and one of the best cuddle buddies ever is the fact that they can and love to engage in meaningful conversations, whether it’s during cuddling sessions at night, during a walk on the beach, or after sex. You never know what the next conversation theme will be. There’s an entire universe going inside the mind of cancer. They truly value intimacy a lot, so you’re bound to have an amazing and magical relationship with them as long as you can contribute by giving them your full attention and respect, and just like them, you have to open your heart to receive their love.

4. Taurus

Taurus will not only cuddle you every second of the day, but they’ll also cook for you! Who said affection has to be shown through kisses and cuddles? In the Taurus language, affection is shown through a big delicious meal. Taurus people love to eat; on top of that, they’re couch-potatoes, making them the perfect person to have an easy love bond with. Sometimes they’re mistaken to be lazy, which can be true sometimes, but they’re not lazy when it comes to making their loved ones happy. They might be tired or feeling like sleeping, but that won’t stop them from stroking your forehead and giving you a message whenever you ask them to. They’re very calm and nurturing partners, definitely the ones to pick for a healthy balanced relationship. Taurus is a great fit for those who value comfort, family, and a peaceful way of living.

5. Leo

Leo’s are relationship goals! They are fun, loving, and charming human beings, but to level up the relationship with them, you have to be OK with PDA witch is also known as a public demonstration of affection. They don’t care about who sees or what other people think, so that you can expect a lot of unexpected kisses and hugs from them. But don’t fool yourself; Leo’s are pretty hard to get. They love to flirt with everyone for no reason but are extremely picky when it comes to an actual romantic partner. To get Leo’s attention, you have to be yourself and ask them many questions about themselves. They can be a little egocentric witch can come across as being stuck up or full of themselves, but the truth is, that’s just the shell. It’s up to you to break it! There’s no denying that affection and cuddles are key to strengthen a bond between two people, no matter what their zodiac sign is. If you weren’t able to find your sign in this list, that doesn’t mean you can’t be or aren’t affectionate with others; besides, affection can be worked on through time., and these signs are the best teachers! So do you have a Leo, cancer, Pisces, Taurus, or Aries in your life? If so, make sure you hold to them; they’ll love you like no-one else!
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