7 Signs Your Partner Doesn’t Love You For Who You Are!

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Last Updated on January 26, 2021

This is something that we can probably blame on cinema, but nowadays there seems to be a tendency to imagine romantic relationships like the ones we see in movies. As a consequence, people end up falling in love with the idea of the person, the ideal image they project on them, and the “character” they desire to have as a partner – anything but who the person truly is. This dynamic won’t work for a long-term relationship, because it becomes unbearable for the person who can’t be their true self, bringing up a lot of negative emotions, and paving the way for an unhealthy relationship. Here are seven signs your partner only loves the idea of you.

1. You don’t feel like you can be yourself around them

We are brought up on this idea that we need to engage in people-pleasing to create romantic connections– but this is the first step towards a lot of relationship problems. Why? Because if you want to build a strong, serious relationship, you can’t refrain from being your most authentic self. If even after a while, you don’t feel like you can’t just express yourself and be who you truly are, you have to start questioning your reasons for not allowing yourself to be who you are. Does he love you or the idea of you? And do you love yourself enough to not settle down for someone who doesn’t love you for you?

2. They try to change you

One of the strongest signs your partner doesn’t love you can be the fact that he seems to be way more invested in who you can become than on who you are. As they may seem to be rooting for you, and come across as your biggest supporter, this can be a sign that they can’t wait for you to become an idealized version of yourself – the one they are expecting, and the one they truly wish for. Having a supportive partner can be a really good thing, and a much-needed quality in the person you love. However, over time, it can become exhausting, and you might end up feeling like they only push you so hard because they don’t think you are good enough.
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