This is What Your Body Parts Can Reveal about Your Inner Self


8. The Shape of Your Nose

In fact, the nose’s tissue that links the bones and forms a shape can reveal many things about the person’s personality, according to a 2013-study from the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery. Researchers actually studied about one thousand and seven hundred noses, divided them all into fourteen categories, and then analyzed their shapes to come up with interesting findings.

Long Nose: if you were born with a long nose, it indicates that you’re highly ambitious when it comes to your career, you’re hardworking, and you’re probably a perfectionist. Also, you may always put your professional life ahead of your personal life.

Short Nose: you are emotionally sensitive and sincerely faithful. You value feelings above everything else and would choose a happy family instead of a successful professional life.

Pointy Nose: you can make a successful financial adviser since you already master the art of handling money wisely. However, those with nose clefts tend to have commitment issues.

Nose with Big Nostrils: chances are you’d rather spend money than save money.

Nose with Small Nostrils: you are strongly committed to your family, friends, and your partner.



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