5 Signs You’re Chasing Him And Need To Stop


Last Updated on February 12, 2020

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Are you chasing him? You could be putting yourself in serious emotional danger.

You might probably be thinking that men like being chased or that letting someone know how you feel about them constantly will make the relationship work or make them all in love with you.

While being patient and going after what you want are good qualities, too much too soon can make you fall in the trap of a one-way chase, which is the most damaging way to start a new relationship.

In fact, being a secure woman who’s not desperately seeking attention will make your partner or potential partner put on real efforts and step up his game to match your high standards simply because he realizes your real worth, which only you can determine.

Even if you think you’re only being friendly and flirty as you send texts or plan dates, you may actually be destroying the relationship and exposing yourself to inevitable heartbreak.

The chase game can bring more harm than good, especially in the long term. So sit down and have a thorough conversation with yourself about what you’re truly looking for and whether you deserve being in this situation. waste no time and check out these 5 sure signs that you need to stop chasing him.


5. You’re always the ice breaker

How many times does he try to approach you, know more about who you are, or simply check how your day is going?

The number of times he attempts to initiate contact with you every day or every week should definitely not be noticeably lower than your number of attempts.

Keep in mind that phone calls and texts work both ways, so don’t accept any excuse why he didn’t have time to reply or check on you.

Also, it’s important to remember that if someone truly cares about you, they will certainly find some time during the day to talk or meet. Don’t swallow your sorrows and shut your concerns behind a door in the back of your head, let him know that you won’t be taken for granted and that you have your own life that doesn’t turn revolve him!


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