7 Important Signs Your Wife Needs More Attention from You

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Last Updated on December 19, 2020

© pexels “And they lived happily ever after” This is how most love stories end! And it all seems so simple and so magical, doesn’t it? Let’s be honest, in real life, marriage is much more difficult than in the stories of enchantment and goes far beyond the yes that is said at the altar. For the love relationship to work, it is necessary for both to look in the same direction, to be more united than ever in all difficulties, and, above all, to feed each other as a couple with constant gestures of attention, affection, and love. Know the most important signals that your wife might be sending you that show you she wants more attention from you.

1. Guilt? Yes, If You Do Something Just For Yourself.

Who said married life is easy? Married life has to be understood and lived together. Otherwise, it will never work. And the feeling of guilt that one feels in the other when something is wrong can be destructive to the relationship. In that sense, one of the signs your spouse needs more attention on your part is when she accuses you or makes you feel guilty that you spend too much time doing other things – individual things and that are only for your own benefit. You might be spending a lot of time back in the car or at your football team’s games instead of worrying, for example, about having an experience together. And that is what your wife will possibly be asking you for.

2. She’s Always Picking On Everything – Even the Least Important Things!

Healthy relationships have ups and downs, and men often feel pressured because they feel that their women are always on top of all events, even those that are of no importance. There are several different things for your wife to involve you with: how you look (you are getting a long beard), with your actions (you entered the house before shaking your shoes at the entrance), or even with your hygiene habits (you didn’t wash your cup of coffee after using it), among many other practical examples of everyday life. Most of the times, they are things with no special meaning, but it is a way that your wife uses to approach you and get your attention. At the same time, she is showing you that she cares a lot about you, and this is undoubtedly one of the characteristics of a healthy relationship.
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