Here Is Why You Should be Yourself


What is the point of not being who you really are? Who do you live for exactly? Is it for yourself or for random, judging strangers? Have you ever asked yourself similar questions? The present world, in particular, is trying to turn everyone into identical copies.

If you manage to defend yourself in light of the prevalence of everything fake, unrealistic and hypocrite, you will be yourself’s hero. Being yourself is certainly difficult because you will be judged for who you really are.

Under pressure, people prefer to wear masks and act differently in accordance to what the world is imposing on them. The world is developing nonstop, but you don’t have to wear a new mask each time it does.

The best people are the ones who are always as they used to be since you met them for the first time. They are the same sincere people.

Don’t pay heed to what others say because no matter what you do, you will never level up to their baseless expectations. Don’t be afraid to behave and act the way you mean and want. Here is why you should be yourself.





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