The 6 Healing Secrets From A Friend’s Unrequited Love


Last Updated on August 22, 2019

You may meet a friend, then you start feeling that whatever is going on between the two of you is far beyond friendship. What’s even worse is when you discover that it is love from one side, which is yours only!

Confessing your feelings and telling them how much you want them by your side is not always a good idea, especially if this will put an end to your long and strong friendship that you definitely don’t want to lose.

However, hiding your feelings and keeping them inside will make you suffer, especially if you are constantly and regularly seeing them at work and outside work. This is hard but it can get even harder when you start chasing fake hope and allowing for your imagination to go beyond the limit.

If you are imagining yourself walking down the aisle wearing a Meghan Trainor wedding dress and one of those blush colored wedding veils to marry him, you’d better STOP! And that’s because this might never happen!

Still, should you not worry because we feel your pain and we are here to help you get over this critical situation!

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1Permit Yourself To Grieve

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It is completely natural to feel pain in your heart as if anger is tearing it apart when you are in denial. This happens because you had such a genuine love for that person. Many people would encourage to go confess your love and win the battle.

Others would accuse you of being pathetic and silly, saying you should get over it. But is this easy or even healthy? If you keep chasing someone who would never see you the way you see them, you will be hurting yourself and postponing healing.

That is why it is okay to express your sadness for the loss of your beloved and grieve as much as you need. When the one you love is actually your best friend, things get really messed up.

Perhaps, you could accept that he does not love you romantically, but a single compliment on having a glowing skin, for example, can take you back to the start point. This is much painful. Just remember that the emotional storm within you is quite healthy and be patient.

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2Leave Distance

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