7 Tiny Habits That Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

Last Updated on March 12, 2020

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Everyone has little everyday habits that are so common yet we don’t even notice them. But apparently, scientists say that some of our habits can reveal certain aspects of our personality that we keep hidden.

So, today we bring you a list of 7 daily habits and the secrets that are hidden behind those same habits. Read below to find out what your habits say about you.


1. Choosing organic food

Apparently, this particular food taste hides an ugly personality trait… People who prefer high-quality food are more likely to be judgmental towards other people.

This is linked to the fact that they see this food choice as doing a good thing that gains them ethical points, and they can “spend” those ethical points on unethical actions, like being less altruistic. It is the same reward system that people who go to the gym and then eat a whole chocolate bar use to justify themselves!

2. Using tanning booths

Nowadays, everyone is well aware of the risks of artificial tanning, and this is why this line of business has become increasingly unpopular.

But some people still visit them often, and according to scientists, this desire to get tanned can be compared to addiction, and the people who feel this need are more likely to become alcoholics, for example, as they are prone to addiction.

3. Taking cold showers

Showering is a crucial part of everyone’s daily routine, and according to scientists, the temperature we choose for our showers is linked to our emotional state. People who spend a lot of time in the shower and choose a warmer temperature are usually the ones that feel most lonely and needy.

And according to research, people who take cold showers are often stubborn, egocentric and not very open to listening to other people’s opinions. Their stubbornness will not allow them to agree with different points of view.

4. Reusing shopping bags

In life, we can have some bad habits but reusing shopping bags is not one of them, as it is good for the environment. However, this habit may be hiding the same bad trait as the habit of choosing organic food.

The researchers who conducted the study claim that the customers who purchase the fabric bags feel like they are caring about the environment, and that gives them a free pass to be careless about something else, like their diet for example.

5. The way you deal with emails

Your Gmail Inbox can say a lot about your personality, and the way you deal with your mail can reveal your personality type. If you are the kind of person who never ignores an email – you answer them, sort them, delete them, this means that you are the type of person who likes to have control over things. You are an organizer, and you avoid chaos at all costs, even in the little things in life, like your email.

If you rarely delete the messages after you have read them, this can mean that you are a perfectionist; you do this because it gives you a sense of security, and you keep everything “just in case.” As for people who don’t even read the emails, this can be a sign of high intelligence, as they choose to not waste their time on things they know to be useless.

6. Social media likes

Research has shown that the things people like on social media can provide information such as their gender, sexual orientation, religious views, political views, and even intelligence level.

The goal of this research was to improve the methods of sales of different types of goods, but it ended up concluding that nowadays people perceive likes as a form of activism.

They feel like they are contributing to a cause simply by clicking a button, so they feel personally rewarded for supporting a cause without actually putting in any effort.

The way people use social media can also point out mental health issues, but fortunately, the platforms are prepared to support people who suffer from depression and that search for content related to the disease.

7. Liking bitter food

Do you like drinking your coffee with or without sugar? If you prefer bitter coffee, scientists have bad news for you.

People who enjoy pure black coffee are more likely to be the ones who suffer from some kind of psychological disorder – like serial killers, you know? A study concluded that people who prefer bitter foods are more likely to be psychopaths.

On another note, people who enjoy tonics, beer, or other unsweetened drinks can be vain, selfish and hypocritical, showing traits of narcissism and sadism.

Now that you know what some every day habits can say about your personality, we give you a bonus on how to tell fake people from genuine people. Fake people are usually the ones that feel the need to show off about their achievements and to rub their success on other people’s faces.

Genuine people don’t feel like they need to prove themselves to anyone, and they will feel fulfillment and happiness without feeling the need to tell everyone about it, while also feeling genuinely good for the success of other people.

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