5 Myths About Marriage You Should Discard In 2020!


5. Your spouse should know every little detail

Who wouldn’t want their life-partner to be their best friend? The person to whom they tell every little detail about their day-to-day life, the person in whom they confide their secrets and insecurities, etc.

While that is an ideal aspect in every relationship, marriage or not, we should acknowledge that not all people are the same and relationships are different in the same way that everyone is different.

Still, married couples tend to put themselves inside a box with the belief that they “have to be” the kind of couple that talks about everything that is going on in their daily lives, even the tiny little gossips they hear in the workplace, for example.

However, there is no rule for that and, as relationship experts suggest, the important thing is to be comfortable in your relationship. If you don’t feel comfortable sharing something or think it’s not worth sharing with your husband or wife, then don’t. As simple as that.

Don’t sweat it if your spouse isn’t necessarily your best bud or someone who would tolerate gossip, you have friends for that!



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