How to Respond When Your Partner is Ignoring You


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Is your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse ignoring you? First off, know that you are not alone; it’s more common than you might think.
It might seem like the end of the relationship.

Still, it can only indicate a communication problem you need to get your hands on, and your relationship might even get better than ever before. When your partner ignores you, it’s more of a foggy temporary period than a huge issue that may end up in a breakup or divorce.

This is more likely the case of a long-term relationship or marriage. However, if you’ve just started dating a few weeks ago and your partner is already giving you the silent treatment for no reason and isn’t willing to sort things out, then maybe it’s a sign you need to move on.

According to relationship experts, when someone or a couple is dealing with a problem, they usually do so by ignoring it. Generally, people naturally choose not to confront their issues for various reasons, including shame, fear, and difficulty in opening up.

So when someone ignores you, you probably already know that there’s a hidden problem waiting to be solved, you don’t know its source or how to fix it. This exact feeling is what makes you assume that a conversation would be meaningless.

Today, we’ll go through practical ways that will help you avoid being ignored and communicate better with your significant other. Here are six important things you need to do when he/she is ignoring you. Read more on the NEXT pages!




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