Here Is What You Can Do To Change Your Life



We always have this idea coming across our minds which is about how difficult it is to discuss things which are already crystal clear. We all know that life is change, meaning that the latter is the core of the former. That is an obvious thing, but we try to avoid it because we are afraid of change.

Some changes in life come along unexpectedly in critical and stressful situations. We become obliged to embrace such changes even if we don’t want to. If you are brave, which you should be, you need to question how to change your life and find ways to initiate these changes.

No one will force you to change, but you can change if you have a well and determinations to walk down the path and find the new you. As said before, circumstances have also a say in triggering changes in life.

But you still have the choice to turn your back and avoid everything altogether or deal with the surprising changes. This is life, and nothing is stable or can last forever.

We are granted the power of choice to test our ability to renew ourselves and start from scratch if we have to. Well, here are the 10 keys on how to change your life for the better.

1Dig for meaning in your life


Instead of being busy scrolling down and up your social media networks, ponder upon how to find meaning in life and what life is for you. This is a way of finding meaning in life and also a chance to get to know who you really are.

Grab a piece of paper and a pencil and draw your thoughts in circles. Begin with what is really important for you, what dreams do you have, and what message would you like to deliver in life.

Having meaning in life reflects that you are a person who lives for a purpose and has a point to highlight throughout his or her life. Without meaning in life, you would be miserable and think of ending your aimless life. These are harsh words, but they are meant to be so to motivate to do something about your life.

#1 – Dream, dream, and dream as much as you can


The best way to change your life is by dreaming. You all had a wishlist or a dream board as you were little, right? Those lists and boards were quite valuable because they contained the traits of the people you want to be in the future when you grow up.

Over time, the dreaming ability fades away when you become older. At this stage, no positive attitude books can convince you that dreams can be easily realized or that they are possible. Your positive attitude is killed by your sense of over-realism.

This is the wrong way that will make you fail in any changing attempt in your life. Dreams and dreaming are things that can change your life. If you start believing in them again, you will feel alive again. So bring out that wishlist or dream board of yours!

#2 – Identify your goals and realize your dreams


This is the real outset of the racing line, so all we can say is what is usually heard in races: ready, set, go! The ready stage is summarised in finding meaning in life, and once this stage is concluded, you will be ready to move on to the set stage.

The latter is embodied in the content of your wish list or dream board. A clear visualisation of your dreams will get you through this stage. The next stage is the go stage, this is when you should set your goals.

A smart goal setting is the basis of initiating any changes in your life. You need to take action to reach your goals by devising a plan. It must be noted that the goals you set today can undergo change by tomorrow. You should be, therefore, flexible.

#3 – Forget about regrets


This is not meant to be like those motivational speeches, but facts are facts. One of the key habits of highly successful people is letting go their regrets.

If they fail in something, they don’t look back and cry, they look forward to learning from their pasts and improving their present. Thinking about the past, which is not going to change anyway, will hinder the progress of your present and future changes.

Bear in mind that you don’t have control over the past, so you cannot change anything. Regret can kill motivation and push inspiration away. One way to change your life is leaving the regrets of the past in the past.

#4 – Try new and scary stuff


There are plenty of events that change your life, the scary things contribute a lot to this. One of the things that make change look like a boogyman is the new scary stuff that come along with it. In order to change your life, you will have to eliminate limitations.

There are a bunch of ways to change your life, taking into account trying scary things. A useful attempt can start with facing a public audience and addressing them on your own. If you manage to do this successfully, you will come a long way toward positive change in your life.

When you try new, scary things, your heart will be beating so fast, your lungs will be breathing in and out very quickly, your hands will be sweating terribly and your legs will be shaking. But that is all okay as soon as it does not control.

#5 – Adopt a balanced lifestyle


Being successful in life requires making changes from time to time. A healthy life cannot be based on routine or imbalance. If you are bombarded by the question ‘how to change my life’, then it is time to give you the answer: your health is the beginning of change.

Eating healthy and feeling spiritually wealthy are the pillars of a balanced life . Our minds and bodies need to be fed properly.

From now on, wake up in the morning with the intention of going jogging, come back with a plan to have a healthy breakfast. Seek emotional and spiritual balance too by doing the things that make you feel well. These are all healthy choices you can make in a snap of finger.

#6 – Confront your fears


Fears are barriers; they can destroy your self-esteem, ruin your dream of taking risk, and stop you from stepping forward. It is our fears that deprive us of the taste of change in life.

A wise man said once that we don’t have to quit being afraid, we just need to learn how to live with our fears. You should have control over them and not vice versa. Fears are essential in life, this weird but still true.

Fears are the red signs that warn us to be cautious, but if you let them stop you from doing something, they become a burden that will always stand in your way. So what you need to do is confronting your fears; use them as warnings and fuel to empower you to step ahead. What matters is that you don t give up.

#7 – Accept who you are


We are not perfect beings or angels; we are all mortal creatures with flaws and defects. Some of these flaws are just unchangeable while others can undergo change. We all need to learn loving and accepting ourselves the way we are.

If we don’t like ourselves, we will not be able to proceed with our life-changing plans. Speaking about this reminds us of a key element which is that you are the only one who can and cares about changing your life.

Learning to accept yourself is the basis of living happy and satisfied. If you don’t accept yourself, you will always feel that one part of you is missing, whereas it is not. But how to accept yourself? Well, be and do what you like without paying heed to what others think.

#8 – Appreciate living in the moment


Life is a chain of moments; some of them can be recapitulated, but most of them are irreplaceable. When you are satisfied with who you are and see your life as precious, you will get to enjoy living in the moment.

At some point, you might become obsessed with finding happiness and seeking change to the extent of forgetting to live in the moment. Sometimes, it is the problems that pop up that deprive us of appreciating the moments we live in.

These moments could be revolving around things like having a cup of tea with your best friend, chatting with your family or maybe playing with your kids. Be grateful for these little moments which you will miss one day.

#9 – Enjoy learning


We all have different sources of joy, but the joy of learning is just unique. When you learn new things, you feel that you feed your intellectual mind. The knowledge you gain can boost your self-esteem and confidence remarkably.

With the knowledge you accumulate, you can deal with any new situations in a quite wise way. You can read books that change your life and enrich your knowledge background. In fact, reading is the best way of learning effectively.

By reading, you will recognize a different world that exists far away; because of natural and artificial barriers, you might not have the chance to see it at close range.



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