7 Conversations You Should Never Have With Your Partner!

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Last Updated on November 2, 2020

4. Snooping Around Their Messages/Social Media

First things first: if you feel the need to read your partner’s texts or to spy on their social media accounts, this comes to show that you have serious trusting issues, and maybe you shouldn’t be in a relationship in the first place. Snooping around is wrong, but telling your partner what you saw is even worse. It will only let them know that you don’t trust them, and it will tell them that they shouldn’t trust you either as you do not respect their privacy.

5. Old Topics In Which You Can’t Agree

If you are going to be with someone, there are some topics in which you should both be on the same page – life-shaping things like politics, moral values, and if you do or don’t want to have kids, for example. But throughout the relationship, some pointless arguments will ignite, and there is also a chance that you won’t be able to see eye to eye in every one of them. And if they aren’t super relevant, it’s better to let them die, bury them and never dig them out again. After all, if you know you are not going to agree with each other, what’s the point of wasting your time and energy, right?

6. Your Cheating History With Previous Partners

Everyone makes mistakes, and cheating can be one of those mistakes. Some people cheat all the time, some people slip once and regret it forever, and some never cheat. Unless you are the last one on this list, do not go telling your partner about your history with betrayal, ok? There is no need to put them on edge about something you did in the past, and that didn’t even involve them. You should only talk to your partner about cheating if they are the ones you cheated on.

7. That You Think Their Friends Are Hot

Ok, you are in a relationship, but you are not blind. Your partner might have a couple of friends who are hot as all hell, but this is not something you want to let them know. Sometimes, beauty is meant to be appreciated in silence, so treat your partner’s pretty friends as if they were museum paintings and keep your thoughts to yourself, all right? Sharing them out loud will benefit no one – it can do quite the opposite.
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