5 Heartbreaking Signs Your Wife Is Cheating On You


Last Updated on October 28, 2020

Infidelity in relationships is one of the most hurtful yet common relationship problems.

If this subject caught your attention, it is probably because your girlfriend or wife is acting weird lately. Maybe you feel like she’s not the same around you or that she’s hiding something.

Normally, our intuition is never wrong, and if you feel like there’s something going on that she’s not telling you about, then that’s probably true and you just have to make sure of it.

Cheating in a relationship is the top reason why couples break up and even though we tend to blame it on men, women cheat too, maybe not as much but they still do.
The reasons can vary and the only way to find out is by talking to her.

But before assuming this, there might be some signs that could tell you if she’s for sure being unfaithful.

So, without any further ado, let’s talk about how to know if your partner is cheating on you?

1. She’s becoming more private

She doesn’t talk to you about her day anymore nor about her feelings. She keeps it all to herself and expects you to accept it as “normal” even when you know it isn’t.
In her mind, it’s impossible to tell you about her day because she has to hide the part where she was with another man.

She may also avoid telling you about her feelings because of guilt.

After all, if she’s actually cheating and decides to tell you about it, you might not be the same afterward as you will suffer as a couple and it might lead to some trust issues between you two.

It’s very hard to come back strong after being at the receiving end of unfaithfulness, but it is not impossible. It’s all up to how you deal with it as a couple, and communication is always the key.

2. She tries to escape from romantic situations

Let’s say that you haven’t been intimate with your partner for a long time, and normally she’ll blame it on work and being busy, or simply say that it’s “that time of the month.” So many excuses that make you think that she actually just doesn’t want to.

That might be true for two reasons; the first one being that she’s not attracted to you anymore, the second one is probably because she feels guilty for cheating and making love to you would only make her feel worse.

In any case, if your partner doesn’t show affection for you, it means that you’re in an unhealthy relationship.

She might not even want to kiss you, hold your hand or hug you. And normally, if your partner doesn’t want to do these things, it is because they’re mad at you. But, if there’s nothing to be mad about then it’s probably because she’s cheating.

3. She doesn’t look the same (literally)

She suddenly has a desire to work out, she seems to be taking care of herself even more than she used to, and… what’s that? a new haircut? New clothes? And now she’s wearing high heels to work?

Yes, usually women want to look good on a daily basis, but even more so when they have a crush. And, of course, they could be doing this for you (her boyfriend/husband) or simply for themselves and their self-esteem.

But, if she’s acting cold and avoiding you while looking ready for a date you might want to consider the fact that she’s probably cheating.

4. She hides her phone

If she’s constantly on her phone, smiling and texting all day and night, it probably isn’t with her friends. When someone’s cheating they will feel this new excitement in their life, they’re feeling this fire with someone else instead of you.

Mixed with this excitement is also guilt, doubt, and pain, but also romantic and sexual feelings too strong to contain.

Cheating mostly starts online, through text, and that’s how it develops over time. One way to make sure if your partner is talking to someone else in a romantic way is to think of an excuse and see if she lends her phone to you.

If she has nothing to hide, she’ll do it, if not, she’s probably scared you’ll find compromising texts with another guy or a recently downloaded dating app.

5. She can’t look you in the eye

Normally when we’re lying or hiding something, we tend to be unable to make eye contact with the person we’re lying to.

Sometimes, we have a certain involuntary tic when telling a lie like looking up, down, closing our eyes, etc. But what do all of these tics have in common? All of them are ways to escape eye contact.

So, unless your partner is a puppet master and great at manipulating other people, she will have a hard time looking at you because she feels deep guilt or she feels like you would be able to see the words that are coming out of her mouth as a lie through her eyes.

And if she’s cheating on you and lies to your face with no problem or feelings of guilt, that’s a clear sign that you’re in a toxic relationship and in that case, it’s best to break up because she clearly doesn’t love you and doesn’t care about how you feel.

At the end of the day, and just to be sure, even if you notice w=one of these signs in your partner, you should confront them as they don’t always necessarily mean that you have a cheating wife/ partner.

However, if you feel like most of these signs of a cheating partner apply to your girlfriend you should definitely talk to her.

Open communication and trust in a relationship are the most important things to have in a healthy marriage.

Try to talk to your partner and understand their reasons, and only then can you choose if you want to stay or leave, but making sure things are cleared between the two is the first step for a healthy relationship, as a couple.


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