10 of the Best Romantic Tips for a Strong, Happy Relationship!

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Last Updated on December 16, 2020

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We all have a romantic story of waking up every morning next to someone, having fun, making love every day, and growing older together. But, unfortunately, according to the OECD Family Database, marriage rates are declining.

This means more and more people are starting to think that a long-lasting relationship isn’t possible or isn’t worth it. But that’s just wrong because even though relationships can be complicated, some simple romantic gestures can help couples bring the best out of their relationship, bonding stronger than ever.

Check out these 10 wonderful romantic tips to make your relationship stronger, happier, and more meaningful. (If these pieces of advice can’t make you a better couple, I honestly don’t know what can!)

1. Share a common dream, no matter how small it is

Holding the same, small dream closer to your hearts every day makes you share the same feelings of hope as you work together for one goal.

For example, it might be saving money to get a new car, enjoy an exotic trip, move to another country, or take your kids to Disneyland. Or maybe you want to get new furniture, paint your bedroom, or work out every day.

The point is, no matter how big or small your common dream is, what’s truly important is that sharing it and working to turn it into reality will keep you connected and joyful.

2. Take note of the things that make your partner happy

Writing down your partner’s simple wishes will not only help you easily figure out what they want for their next birthday, but it’s also an amazingly sweet way of knowing exactly how to brighten their other days.

For instance, take note every time your significant other mentions a new restaurant they’d like to visit, a new movie, or something they wish to get. Keep the little notes on your phone so you can easily go back to them whenever a date night, anniversary, birthday, or a special occasion is coming soon.

3. Plan little, random surprises

In a relationship, the first months tend to be full of passion, sparks, and all kinds of joyfully overwhelming feelings, but as the couple’s timeline expands and they get used to each other, they start to experience these exciting emotions less often.

This might feel strangely disappointing when it first happens but, in fact, it only means that the couple is more stable than ever now.

The true meaning of love goes beyond passion as it’s also a brave choice of being with someone every day and through everything.

Plus, you can always introduce new sparks to your relationship with little, simple surprises, like buying tickets to their favorite movies, getting their favorite dessert when they feel a bit down, or preparing them a hot, relaxing bath after a long day at work. Such little things can go a long way to a happy marriage or relationship.

4. When arguing, consider the possibility that it may be your fault

When tension arises during an argument and you feel like things are going out of control, stop talking and go to different rooms for about half an hour. This will help you calm down to think and reflect on the fact that you may somehow have your part of the blame in whatever you’re arguing about.

Once your minutes apart are over, be humbly honest and talk about why you think it’s your fault, say sorry, and work together to find a definite solution to your issue.

Keep following this method and you’ll become a powerful team when it comes to problem-solving and making each other happy.

5. The 3-1 method!

Many people in a relationship feel irritated by the fact that they always do what their partner wants to do, which leads them to give up many things they enjoy doing. This can easily accumulate to deep, ugly feelings of resentment, which can destroy the relationship.

To completely avoid this situation and maintain a healthy relationship, you should practice the 3-1 method.

Let’s just say you want to eat out; one of you can pick 3 restaurants they’d like to eat at and the other can choose the one they like most. Do this every time you’re picking a movie, a Sunday activity, a holiday destination, or any situation where you think you wouldn’t agree on one thing. This way you’ll work together to make a decision that you both accept.

6. Take some time apart so you’ll miss each other

Spending all of your free time with your soulmate can be sweet, joyful, and romantic, but chances are you’re not doing something that you’d really love to do on your own. Think about a purely satisfying me-time activity, like hanging out with your sibling or parent, enjoying a drink with a friend, or getting a massage or a pedicure.

Together, especially if you’re both introverted, need to spend time apart regularly to recharge. This way you’ll miss each other and go back with a fresher spirit and a more positive attitude.

7. Be the bearer of positive news to ease things with your in-laws

It’s usually quite challenging to deal with your in-laws, but you know how much your spouse would be happy if you got along with their parents. One way to loosen the tension is by becoming the one who always tells them the good news. For example, you can be the one who accepts their lunch or dinner invitation, thanks them for that Christmas gift, or invites them over for a family dinner. Let your soulmate deal with the negative events and talks while you are the one who says sorry and is always calm and polite.

8. Work together on a project

Work together to create something new, just the two of you. It doesn’t have to be anything big or complex, it can be something as simple as painting a wall, decorating your home, learning a new language on an app, or cooking a delicious meal together. The point is to achieve something together to improve your teamwork skills as well as your bond as a couple.

9. Cuddle more!

Cuddles alone are capable of making you feel in love. (isn’t it romantic!) in fact, physical contact is so powerful that it can communicate love without any spoken words. Moreover, cuddles release the love hormone, oxytocin, which makes you and your partner feel connected, safe, and happy.

Studies also found that expressing gratitude can make us happy, too. So don’t forget to tell your partner how grateful you are for every moment you spend together. This will help you both feel valued, making your relationship deeply stronger.

10. Let your soulmate enjoy a day full of activities they love

Spending a day with your partner doing the things they love most is totally worth it, even if some of those things don’t really interest you. Well eventually, you’ll have your day and get to do what you love.

Taking a day off for your partner will help you know each other more, create a stronger bond, and you’ll probably discover a new hobby to practice together.

For a happy relationship, every couple needs to make room for their partner not only in their hearts but also in their minds and daily life. It’s all about sharing, having things in common, and valuing each other.

Please leave a comment if you have any other tips for keeping a relationship strong or any other opinions you’d like to share.

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