10 Habits That Can Make You the Unluckiest Person!

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Last Updated on November 11, 2020

Good luck seems to be like a mystical gift that only favors certain people while leaving many others behind. Many people keep cursing their bad luck and tend to believe that the universe is not treating them fairly enough while others think that bad luck is their inevitable destiny. But, it seems that unlucky people have only themselves to blame for any amounts of bad luck they have. In fact, psychologists and mathematicians have managed to identify a clear pattern between human behavior and the success they can achieve. Do you fancy becoming one of the lucky ones? All you need to do is avoid all sorts of toxic behavior that attracts bad luck like a magnet. Keep reading to learn how to get rid of bad luck!

10. Not believing in failure

Although it sounds controversial, people who make the fewest mistakes tend to stop trying to become successful sooner than later. In fact, according to scientists, the perfect ratio for failures is 15 percent. During an experiment in which scientists tried to teach artificial intelligence to sort materials, the process went more quickly when the task was performed 85 percent correct, but when the machine answered correctly for more than 85 percent of the time, it considered the task as too easy and it seemed useless to look for new ways to a solution. And the very same thing applies to people as well! So embrace your fear of failure, or even better, never step back from making new mistakes.

9. Always trying to be a good person

Avoiding becoming a toxic person is one thing and always acting nice to please everyone around you is another. And the latter is one of the things that turn you into someone with bad luck as well as prevent success. Another example is that some people try to convey their opinion politely while others strongly defend their positions. This time, it’s the latter category of people that have higher chances of success. The takeaway is that you should stop being offended by criticism and never let negative comments scare you away or affect your self-esteem. Surprisingly, being stubborn and rebellious comes with plenty of good luck and success. That’s what scientists concluded after 4 decades of observations where naughty children grew up into successful adults who speak up directly and frankly about their wishes and interests.
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