Is Your Partner Losing Interest? Check These 8 Warning Signs

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Last Updated on January 14, 2021

One common reason why couples break up has to do with one of them losing interest. This can happen when they’ve met someone else, or maybe the excitement isn’t there anymore, which often occurs in a long-term relationship.  Whichever the case, there are always some warning signs that you can detect early on. If you’re successful in identifying these, you may end up saving the relationship, that is, if it’s still worth saving. So if you feel like your partner is being distant or something has changed in your dynamic as a couple, keep reading to discover the 8 main signs that they may be losing interest.

8. They are not available

Is your partner’s schedule suddenly full? If so, and there’s no apparent reason for it, they might be avoiding you.  Whenever we feel a relationship crumble or start to lose interest, we tend to avoid the other person. Being with them feels unnatural and forced, and of course, as adults, there are much better and more respectful ways to deal with this. Still, it just happens to be something unconsciously, like making up excuses or saying that we’re busy to avoid being with our partner. Many things can get in between a relationship, like work, mental problems, and friends, but none of these should be a reason for losing interest in being with your soulmate. 

7. There’s a lack of communication

A lot of arguments and problems arise due to bad communication in a relationship. Most of the time, couples argue over a misunderstanding, which was caused by a bad choice of words. And this is equal to bad communication.  For a relationship to work, communication must be a part of your daily routine as a couple, and if something feels off or you’re having a bad day, you talk about it with your partner instead of hiding it from them.  You don’t need to text each other 24/7 or call each other every night, but if your partner is suddenly not communicating with you, directly or through the phone, then something is up. 

6. They don’t plan anything

In every relationship, the woman is known to be the one to plan everything, from dates and restaurants to weekend getaways. Somehow, there’s always one person who does it all.  Now, this may happen because the other person in the relationship is either clueless or super busy, but it can also happen because the other person in the relationship is nowhere near interested in doing such activities.  If your partner is always coming up with excuses as to why you shouldn’t go on a trip or something as simple as going to the beach together, then that’s a clear red flag that maybe the problem is not the plans but the fact that you’re the company.
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