How to Have a Strong and Happy Relationship Easily ?


3Take the Hit

Take the Hit

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There are some arguments that do not necessarily mean that someone made a mistake. And sometimes, it is okay to take the hit in order to move on and fix the issue completely. Be willing to accept the criticism especially when you know that your partner might not handle this hit.

This selfless habit should not occur every time an argument rises, but when it is nobody’s fault and it was only a misunderstanding, you can be the bigger person and be responsible for such issue.

This habit will help you create the cement that the relationship will be built on, and the bonus point is when the issue is over, you may receive a “hot” gift from your partner because make-up s*x is the best out there.


4Do Random Activities

Do Random Activities

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You don’t have to invite your partner to a special dinner or take them to the movies in order to create a special bond, sometimes real connection comes from simple activities. You can decide together to have a nice walk every morning before heading to work, or turn the TV off in the evening and cook dinner together.

While doing such random activities, you will notice a deep connection especially if you both enjoy these activities. If you are both not a fan of walking, then driving together is the better option. And if you both don’t like to cook, then you can order food and then enjoy dancing your “hunger” out by turning on your favorite music louder while waiting for your food to arrive.

Ps: you may use the Aretha Franklin song we mentioned before; it is very enjoyable to dance to!





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