How to Have a Strong and Happy Relationship Easily ?

Last Updated on March 8, 2018


In order to build a successful romantic relationship, you need to work a little harder than usual to guarantee that one day, the love of your life will say “I do” in front of all your family and friends.

There are some easy, yet powerful habits you should adopt so you can win your partner’s heart and build a long-lasting happy and strong relationship together.

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1Connect throughout the Day

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We all have busy schedules that we find it hard to connect with our significant other, and with all the daily tasks, connecting with them becomes last priority. But in order to build a long-lasting relationship, try to find 1-2 minutes every few hours to text your partner to tell them how much you love them and wish them a good day.

Casual texts are signs that you are thinking of them and you are appreciating their existence in your life. And to step your game a little more, try to call them during your lunch break, or on your way to the gym to check on them! Make sure to make your calls simple and your texts creative.


2Show Respect

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Showing respect throughout the day is a habit that is worth creating, this simple habit reflects your love, care, and acceptance of your partner and their character, we assure you that your partner will appreciate this habit the most because nothing’s better than to feel respected and accepted from the person you love.

The best part is that this habit is contagious, once your partner feels respected, he/she will respect you back completely and show you how much you are appreciated and loved. Now, is there anything cuter than this sweet respectful circle of love?

Plus, Aretha Franklin made a whole song about this, and that woman surely knows what she is talking about.



3Take the Hit

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There are some arguments that do not necessarily mean that someone made a mistake. And sometimes, it is okay to take the hit in order to move on and fix the issue completely. Be willing to accept the criticism especially when you know that your partner might not handle this hit.

This selfless habit should not occur every time an argument rises, but when it is nobody’s fault and it was only a misunderstanding, you can be the bigger person and be responsible for such issue.

This habit will help you create the cement that the relationship will be built on, and the bonus point is when the issue is over, you may receive a “hot” gift from your partner because make-up s*x is the best out there.


4Do Random Activities

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You don’t have to invite your partner to a special dinner or take them to the movies in order to create a special bond, sometimes real connection comes from simple activities. You can decide together to have a nice walk every morning before heading to work, or turn the TV off in the evening and cook dinner together.

While doing such random activities, you will notice a deep connection especially if you both enjoy these activities. If you are both not a fan of walking, then driving together is the better option. And if you both don’t like to cook, then you can order food and then enjoy dancing your “hunger” out by turning on your favorite music louder while waiting for your food to arrive.

Ps: you may use the Aretha Franklin song we mentioned before; it is very enjoyable to dance to!



5Morning Coffee

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Make sure to wake up a few minutes earlier to have enough time to prepare two cups of coffee; for you and your partner. Make sure to give it to them before they get the chance to go to the kitchen. This simple habit will mean too much to your partner and will help the love between you blossom even more beautifully.

In order to show even more care, make sure to know how much sugar your partner wants to have in their coffee. If he/she is not a fan of morning caffeine, you can replace it with hot chocolate or tea. This habit is 100% worth it!


6Communicate before Bed

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After a long day at work, it is a tough task to stay awake when you only need to sleep, so make sure to head to bed a few minutes before your regular time, and ditch your phone because we all have the habit of scrolling back and forth in our social media before sleep, and give that time to your partner instead.

Daily Communication is the key to a successful relationship, you can ask them about their day and make sure to be a good listener when they answer. Also, you can tell them about something funny you saw during the day, or what has been bothering you at work or with your family.

Any type of communication is very beneficial, especially after a long day. Make sure to cuddle while talking “Cute, cute, cute!”




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Speaking of cute and cuddles, you have to adopt the habit of snuggling your partner in bed every time before you sleep, and when you wake up too. Not only it will strengthen your relationship, but it will also help build the trust and comfort your relationship needs.

This task is literally the easiest, as it can take only a few minutes every day. Such a little time can actually provide your relationship with a long happy life. Plus, science approves it, there is a research that says when there is a physical touch; the brain releases Oxytocin, which is a hormone that helps with social bonding. Also, no one can say no to cuddles, right?


8Time Apart

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Spending some time apart from your partner is just as important as spending quality time with them. You need to give each other the daily freedom to do your own things independently. Spending too much time together may create an unhealthy co-dependency that will make your relationship suffer.

Moreover, relationship means sharing life together while each one can still have their own separate life at the same time. It is about quality, not quantity. Make sure to maintain boundaries and always give yourself and your partner space you both need to avoid developing an unhealthy habit that may eventually lead to obsession, and then a breakup.



9Show Appreciation

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When life becomes too heavy on our shoulders, we start forgetting to show appreciation to the people in our lives, especially our partners. So try to teach yourself the habit to remind them how much you appreciate them at least once every two days or so.

There are so many ways to show your appreciation, whether through words, flowers, or even a card. Make sure to be creative each time and to focus on every positive side that you know your partner would love to hear the most.

Also, this habit can be applied to other people as well like your parents, your close friends, and your co-workers who always got your back.


10Love Language

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Each person has his/her own specific way to show and receive love, some of them would love to give and receive gifts, while others prefer verbal demonstrations of affection, and so on. So make sure to understand your partner’s language of love and make sure to speak it consistently.

There are five languages of love: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, physical touch, and acts of service. Communicate with your partner more often and get to know every detail about their character so you can detect which love language they speak and thus understand them better.


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