Are You In A One Sided Relationship?

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Last Updated on January 24, 2021

Do you feel like no matter how much you tried to get close with your partner, it always feels like you’re reaching for the wind and ending up with empty hands? Let me rephrase that; Do you feel insecure in your current relationship? Are you scared you might wake up one day and find a breakup text? If you’re the only one overthinking and stressing in the relationship when your partner doesn’t have care at all, then you must be in a one sided relationship. Now, how can someone be in a one sided relationship? Doesn’t a relationship involve two people? Well, not all couples are equally invested in their relationship, and while you might see a future with your partner, the latter may not be as serious about you. One sided relationships are cruel and hurtful, but they’re definitely not uncommon. So, what are the odds that you might be in a one sided relationship? Check all the signs you are in one!

1. You’re always initiating communication

Are you always the one texting first? Aways the one making date plans? If you know that you’re the only one making efforts to communicate or spend time with your boyfriend or girlfriend, then it’s a sign you’re in a one sided relationship. Relationships are all about mutual efforts and openness. It’s never only one partner who has to do all the work while the other is not as excited or invested in the relationship.

2. They don’t give you attention

Getting your partner’s attention when you’re together should never feel like a task. It just comes naturally to you as you love and crave each other’s company. You enjoy hanging out with each other and feel like your best selves around each other. But, if your partner makes you feel like an attention seeker when you’re actually the one being ignored, then that’s not only a toxic relationship but also a one-sided one.

3. They don’t support you

Being supportive of your partner is a big sign of a healthy relationship. But what if your partner is discouraging you from your goals or decision instead of supporting you? That’s called an unhealthy relationship! Your partner should make you feel empowered, not powerless, so don’t waste your time on somebody like that.
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