9 Things To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Relationship

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Last Updated on January 27, 2021

Relationships are great, but most of them start impulsively, leading to break-ups after a couple of months. If you wish to start a relationship with another person, there are some things you need to figure out first. It’s all about feeling sure and confident in this new chapter of your life, so the worse thing you can do is rush this decision. To avoid a bad decision followed by even worse consequences, keep reading to find out the nine questions you should ask yourself before committing to a serious relationship.

1. Is this person a good fit for me?

With this question, you shouldn’t think, “Is this person what I want”? Instead, opt by asking, “Is this person what I need?” This question can be answered easily if you truly know yourself. Do you know what’s lacking in your life? What are your flaws? What personality traits you have that could use some balance? But not everything should be filling the gaps you don’t have. Like religion and future wishes regarding a family and even fitness and health matters, some things should be similar. After all, why would you start a relationship with someone that doesn’t have the same goals you do? Another approach you can have to answer this question is to develop a list of 10 qualities that you would like in a partner. Then compare it to the person you’re seeing. Do they match the list or not? If they check more than five qualities, then it’s a good sign!

2. Do I feel good when we’re together?

Some people make you feel on top of the moon, while others may give you constant headaches. A good environment and well-being are always important aspects for any relationship to work. You need to feel fulfilled, happy, and relaxed whenever you’re around someone you want to be in a relationship with. If you feel uncomfortable, doubtful, or even indifferent to their presence, then that’s a clear indication that this person is not for you. A bit of nervousness is common on first dates or even the first couple of months, but after you get to know each other, you need to be comfortable enough to be your true self and feel happy about it.
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