9 Adorable Things Men Do ONLY When They Are In Love

Last Updated on November 14, 2018

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Men and women tend to express their feelings differently, and men are not too good with words as much as they are with actions because they are mostly raised to be strong and unshakable. There are some actions men do that mirrors their feelings and their vulnerable selves only to women who they deeply love.

Love transcends gender, and understanding this love is what makes life worth living sometimes, so ladies, we know that there are so many fish in the sea, that is why we brought to you this list to stop wondering if the fish you have is actually worth it or not.

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1Morning texts/ casual calls

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On any normal day, waking up can be the hardest thing especially when the guy did not get enough sleep. Yet, they still manage to text you “good morning!” every single day. That’s an obvious sign he loves you. Morning texts show appreciation and that you are the first thing he thinks of when he wakes up.

Moreover, throughout the day and while dealing with a busy schedule, he will always find time to call you and check up on you. Most guys describe that these calls are what helps them go through the day knowing the woman they love is safe and healthy. Cheer up, girl! Your voice must be his painkiller.


2He listens

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If you need to talk whether about something serious or just about your daily activities, he will give you his full attention and listen to every word you say carefully like a little kid, and it is true, men act like little children when it comes to the things and people they are passionate about.

However, listening does not always mean understanding. You will notice that your words affect him when he casually starts bringing up some specific things you said, in his gestures, or during his daily activities.

The best part about having someone who listens is; when you see them dropping everything just to make you comfortable and happy because, after all, you are the most important person in their world!



3He cares about your family and friends

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Men understand that the people you love are the most important thing to you, so he is always ready to meet them, help them, and buy them gifts on their birthdays. He is also willing to patiently handle people who he does not “like that much” in order to make you happy.

A man in love is a man who can sacrifice his time and his money for you and your loved ones, listening to their detail stories/problems, ready to offer them help and solutions. Plus, he will always help you all to connect and fix any issue that arose between you and them.


4He is proud of your achievements

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He will see your achievements as his own, that’s how much a man can love! Like a mother who is proud of her son’s first words, your loving man will celebrate you and your success no matter how little or big they are.

Two people in a relationship may create some challenges, competitions, or jealousy, especially if they both share the same careers. But, when the hands of love creep in and grab their hearts, there will be nothing but support and celebration every time. This sign reflects how he precious you and respects you as a successful woman.



5He thinks you are beautiful no matter what

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You know the days when you are in the mood to stay home wearing your sweatpants, no makeup, and with a hair being spontaneously weird? You are definitely labeling these days as your “ugly days”. Yet, your man will still mention how beautiful you look. And guess what? He means it, every time!

However, there are other days when you can’t help being sick with puffy eyes and a runny nose, you will notice that he does not care about your look as much as he cares about your health. The sick noses will never stop a man from holding the face of the woman they love and kissing their forehead, even if the illness was contagious.


6Being Vulnerable

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It is known that men do not like to show their vulnerability, but it changes when they find the woman they love. They are usually a tough wall with a very strong ability to not expose their feelings or fears. If this is not the case with you, then you must be a lucky girl!

The shell men build around their sensitive side always seems to disappear in the presence of true love which is a great thing, because vulnerability is the glue that holds relationships together.

Avoid making any judgments or unwanted reactions when a man is opening up because if you do, they will feel like they are not good enough or “man enough” which will drive them to start showing fewer emotions and fears.



7He fights with you

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This one may seem a little weird to be on this list, but it is correct! Men hate arguments and fights, especially with their women. But, fights are necessary for any relationship, and they don’t always mean that they are heading towards a rocky and scary destination that is no good to them. If a man is taking time to fight, then he is interested to find a solution.

They mostly choose to step away and not deal with any drama. So while you are fighting, feel grateful that he is still around realizing what went wrong and trying to fix it. It may be done through loud screaming sometimes, but we are all humans after all and things can get on our nerves.


8He sacrifices

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He changes his plans, he takes the hit during arguments, and he does the dishes while you are warm and cozy under your blanket. All of these are examples of the sacrifices that a man in love can do, because to him, what matters the most is the sound of your happiness and satisfaction.

A selfless man is a man who is worth keeping! A man in love feels lucky to find you and have you every day with him, and these sacrifices may mean nothing compared to what he can actually do for you and your happiness.

Don’t take what he does for granted, because we know how hard it is to find a man who falls in love, and the world does not need another heartbroken man!



9He accepts you

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Let’s face it, girls can be dorky sometimes! You may not be as confident as Marilyn Monroe, or as pretty as Angelina Jolie. But, you are the most amazing and beautiful girl in your man’s eyes, which is amazing because you won’t feel the pressure to act or be someone you are not.

And when that time of the month hits, oh boy! You are mostly already started plotting a murder, choosing your significant other as an easy victim. Yet, a man who loves you accepts every little part of you, even the monster that casually leashes when the hormonal rage takes over. Anyway, embrace your weird personality, it is what is making you special and your man will totally agree.


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