7 Warning Signs You Are in a Toxic Relationship

Last Updated on March 8, 2018

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Sometimes when we are too invested in the relationship that we fail to see how toxic it really is. Even worse, we choose to neglect all the signs of how unhappy we’ve become rather than taking a brave step to deal with the pain of living without the person we love.

It is okay to admit that your relationship should end, and with time and distance, you will see the relationship for what it really was; toxic and unhealthy. It is much better to end up alone than keep living with someone who constantly sucks the happiness out of you.

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1You Think about their Happiness

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If you are constantly trying to make them happy, while you are not getting anything in return, then you are definitely in a toxic relationship. Happiness should be mutual, and caring about the other’s happiness is what love truly means.

There is no excuse for lightning up your partner’s heart with a little joy every once in a while, especially in a serious relationship that will eventually become an institution of marriage. You don’t need to stick around for someone who does not really make you happy because, after all, life is too short to be so miserable and sad.


2Arguing without Communicating

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It is normal in any relationship to fight and argue, but when the fights are “too much” and you find yourself arguing instead of communicating your feelings, then you are in a toxic relationship! Couples should communicate and express what is upsetting them through a mature conversation to avoid any unnecessary pain to both parties.

In case these fights happen way too often, it is better to step back and calculate all the reasons and times these argues happen. Couples counseling may be the better option in this case because it can be an eye-opening experience to see what is going on clearly and it may help you decide when it is best to let go.



3Your Partner Gets Physical

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We all know what a violent behavior looks like, but it is not always as obvious as it seems. There are many actions that represent when a partner is starting to get physical, for example, grabbing your arm and saying “get back here!” or grabbing your face ordering you to “look at him while he talks”.

The sad part is that society made it acceptable for a specific gender to behave this way, but if we reversed genders then it will become shocking and suddenly be regarded as totally unacceptable. The truth is, no one should behave this way, and if someone did, the victim must put boundaries immediately, because such behavior may increase to a dangerous level in the future.


4Reminiscing on the Beginning of the Relationship

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Memories of the first dates and the honeymoon are sweet and unforgettable, but they are not enough to sustain you. Finding yourself dwelling on the past is a sign that your present is not as good as you wished it to be, and not looking toward the future means the relationship is staying still and not progressing.

Relationships must evolve as we grow older in order to last, but unfortunately, they don’t always evolve as expected. This is a sign that your relationship is toxic and that you and your partner are growing apart with nothing left to maintain or revive. If you do not leave a relationship that is not developing for better, then you will not grow and develop as well.



5Giving, but Not Receiving

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Relationships are all about giving and receiving, eliminate one of these two and you’ll have another sign of a toxic relationship. The worst part of this sign is that it makes you feel unworthy of anything especially if you are the one who is giving without receiving.

When you are invested in a relationship, you must always remember this important rule: a good relationship makes your life better; not messier! By following this rule, everything will be clearer.

You owe happiness to yourself, and by staying in a relationship that is draining you and keeping you waiting for a little care, then you are letting yourself down!


6Lack of Appreciation

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After getting so much done, especially for your S.O, we always wait for a little praise to motivate us and keep us on our feet in order to move forward. And if the appreciation does not come from the person you are sharing your life with, then what is the point of this relationship after all?

The power of “thank you” is wildly underrated and must be used way too often between couples to show appreciation, and taking your partner for granted will mostly cause personal and emotional damage and will soon drive the relationship to an end.



7You Can’t Be Yourself

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A healthy relationship is where you can live, grow, and evolve to be a better person without feeling uncomfortable. If you fail to feel this way, then we are sorry to tell you that you are wasting your time to be the best version of who you are.

Change is an inevitable part of life, and when you are involved with someone, you must grow and change together heading the same direction. In case you are not feeling like yourself anymore and you often can’t recognize who you are, then you are living in a toxic relationship that needs to be over.

Finding yourself is way more important than keeping the romance going. Nothing is ever good enough to lose yourself to.


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