7 Signs You’re Falling For Several People At Once!

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Last Updated on January 27, 2021

Casual dating more than one person while being in a love triangle is all fun and games in movies and tv-shows, but in real life, it is a straight-up mess. Most girls fantasize about the idea of having two or more boys fighting for them; we’ve seen it in every movie. But what happens in the real world when things get serious? Someone’s bound to get hurt, and being the one who holds the knife is a tough position to be in. So, are you really in love with more than one person, or do you have a favorite? Here we present to you the top 7 signs you like more than one person while giving you small tips on how to make your choice a tiny bit easier!

1. Your friends don’t even know who you’re dating

If your friends don’t even remember the names of your love interests, then maybe that’s one of the signs you’re falling for more than one person, maybe too many! Nowadays, modern dating is done through apps like Tinder, where you end up matching with loads of different people, therefore, it’s normal to develop different types of connections. However, a lot of people seem to make the same mistake when it comes to dating. Whenever they have something good going on, they keep searching for other options. This leads to more confusion and commitment issues because people will always be looking for the next best thing. And because it’s normal to gossip with friends about these matters, at the end of the day, your friends will be confused with so many names thrown in their direction. Last week was John, but now there’s Richard, but don’t forget Michael! They’ll be left wondering, “Who is who, again?”

2. You have no idea who you should contact first

You’ve received free concert tickets for a show tonight! But who should you pick to go with you? If you have no idea about who to choose to go to a concert with, then maybe you don’t have a favorite. You’d probably end up going to the concert with a girlfriend so that you don’t go through the pressure of picking one of your romantic interests. If this hits close to home, then maybe it’s best to start thinking differently. You might enjoy their company but which one do you feel most comfortable singing and dancing with? Maybe both, maybe one of them or maybe none. You’ll never know until you start asking yourself the questions that matter in any healthy relationship, after all, if you can’t dance in front of them, why are they even an option?
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